I Love Ice Cream

I almost titled this blog “i love ice cream” because I think that is a very important fact for you to know about me. I am pretty sure you will know this as early as you possibly can. Food is not a good idea to use for comfort or replace feelings or a reward but ice cream is awesome. I love it and I eat it to celebrate and when I am bummed, I also eat it when I am hungry, ready to relax, watching a fun show or movie… I could go on.

As a child I vividly remember the tiny glass bowls that Grandma would put my one scoop of ice cream in after school or after dinner (maybe both, nah, Grandma is to sensible for that).

I do not like huge chunks in my ice cream, I will only put chocolate sauce on it. I scoop off whip cream and cherries if I did not ask for it without. I have owned two ice cream makers and have several ice cream cookbooks although I will probably only ever make ice cream with chocolate as an ingredient.

I have to be honest I was personally devastated, A, that you did not like your ice-cream on your first birthday. There were discussions on tape that we had that made us wonder if you were switched at birth (we knew you were not by looking at you do not worry). I left the ice cream place that day wondering how we would be able to celebrate fun things in the future like winning a game or loosing your front, first or any tooth (the tooth fairy may bring you money but ice cream is from Mommy, it will hurt to much to eat real food that day). While I hated to see you sick the next day I was relieved to learn that this was why you would not eat the ice cream. I was relieved that we might have another chance to share ice cream again and you would like it.

Now let’s gets down to business here are my favorite ice creams…. I have different flavors that I like at different places here is a list… you will see a common theme chocolate.

Holsteins: Oreo

Applegates: Extreme Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate peanut butter, vanilla peanut butter

Ben and Jerry’s (pints): SMores, Brownie batter, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, half baked, Cookies and cream and the dearly departed Making Whoopie Pie (mmmm, my mouth watered just typing this)

Ben and Jerry’s (store): Chocolate Therapy

Turkey Hill: Chocolate chip cookie dough, and Chocolate Peanut Butter

Friendly’s: Cookies and Cream or Super Duper Chocolate (whatever they call it)

Cold Stone Creamery: we cannot go there. I will bring to a better ice cream places than that.

Baskin Robbins: Mint chocolate chip, and chocolate chip…. It is important to note that probably more than half the birthday cakes I have had in my life are from there.

So this is probably leading you to think, did you and Dad have an ice-cream wedding cake… No… we should have, I regret it. The cake came from the reception place it was “included.” You have seen pictures from our wedding, the cake was just fine…but it would have been better ala mode.

Lessons to learn
-Never use food as a reward or comfort, really I mean it…. I am telling you about myself and the lessons you should learn.
-Never bring me to Cold Stone Creamery.
-Always get me chocolate ice cream if I am not with you when you order.

PS I am SHOCKED there is no picture in my entire photo library of me eating ice cream… I am emailing Grandma now for a picture of me eating ice cream!



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3 responses to “I Love Ice Cream

  1. As the husband of an “ice cream junkie” myself, I really enjoyed this. I myself am a cake person. Birthday cakes, cupcakes, even pancakes. It seems like if it’s made with milk, flour, and egg I am all about it!

    So I guess the wife and me go together like ice cream and cake. Ugh, that was corny. Oh well.

    Thanks again for a great read!

    • Dustin- Your comment made me think of the Bill Cosby standup routine where he gives his kids cake for breakfast. He defends it as “eggs, milk, flour” all important ingredients for breakfast. If I can find a link for it I will post it here.

      Thanks for the comment… you are lucky man to be married to a wonderful “ice cream junkie” we make the world a better place 😉

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