Anyone Going to Jersey?

I need to start of by saying your father will tell this story MUCH differently than I will. It will likely involve fire shooting from my eyes and other gross exaggerations. Nonetheless this story was referenced in your Uncle M’s Best Man speech so I feel it is appropriate to tell it.

It was almost exactly 5 years ago from when I am writing this that your Dad and I went to the hurricane Katrina benefit concert at Radio City Music Hall. It was about a week and a half before our wedding, I think. Tons of musicians were performing many of which either me or our your Dad liked (I will explain more about our VERY different taste in music at another time). It was a week night and we had to work the next day. We took the bus into the city that night.

I will fast forward to the interesting part… at about midnight I turned to your Dad (for the 10th time) and said we have to leave in 5 minutes to make the last bus. The concert was nowhere near over and one of the bands your Dad wanted to see had not gone on yet. He said fine. After alot of asking your Dad said we were not leaving. I said “fine but you have to figure out how to get us home this is not going to be my problem.” I was pretty stressed after this because I did not know how we were going to get home but I just resigned myself to the fact that your Dad would do something call a cab….etc.

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So the concert ends after 1 am. As we are walking out of Radio City I am wondering what your Dad is going to do. I was sticking strong to the fact that I left it up to him to figure out what we were going to do. I was very clear I was not getting us out of this. So what does your Dad do as we are walking down the street when we get out he turns to me and says “how are we going to get home? There are no more trains or buses right?” I told him I was not in charge of getting us home but I was getting furious!!!

He said, “I do not know what we should do I do not have any cash.”

I got so angry. I stopped and got real close to your Dad’s face and said, “You need to be a man and figure this out!” I agree it was mean, but I just could not believe after all of our discussions in the concert that he would have the nerve to two seconds after we walked out to look at me and ask me to resolve this issue! I was so angry and we were in a crowd of people.

To know me is know that confrontation, particularly in front of a crowd of people is NOT the way I operate. I was less than two weeks away from my wedding. We were spending ever last cent we had on that, we knew we were on the verge of moving out of our apartment and we had not purchases a house yet, I had to go to work the next day…etc. The pressure was high before I was on the streets of NY at 1am and not sure how I was getting home.

You Dad felt none of the pressure describe above the pressure he felt was me being mean to him in front of people. So with fire shooting from his eyes and steam coming from his ears he decide to just yell out “ANYONE GOING TO JERSEY?”

Ironically enough someone walking by us was and was willing to offer the raving lunatic couple from the street a ride home. I would have NEVER offered us a ride home, not for a million bucks. We looked like the awkward couple that people probably thought should not be dating anyway.

We started walking to their car which was 20 blocks away. I am not going to lie knowing how insane we looked I did think that these people might actually kill us on our way home because people who be willing to be in a car with us for even 10 minutes might be mentally unstable to begin with.

Your Dad, he was just becoming fast friends with these saviors. He was satisfied he got us ride home with no effort. As he chatted with the couple they agreed to drop us off at our house stating it was only a little out of their way. We were at least 20 minutes out of their way… that was it, I was not living to our wedding day… why are these people giving us a ride home in the middle of the night out of their way!

I start to call Grandpa because he is nocturnal so I figured for sure he would be willing to come and pick us up somewhere on the way home on the highway so that these nice people could get home before the sun came up. It was of course the first time your Grandpa went to bed before 4am…. no answer. I left a message but figured that as per usual Grandpa would see the message 4 days from then and call me in the middle of the night thinking we were stranded that night.

While we were driving we got to know these angels and they were great. We learned that their niece received services from the non-profit I worked at and they had nothing but great admiration for the work that we do. I felt much better at this point, I felt like we knew these people and that they were long-lost friends. I can only think that because we were at a benefit concert that people were just in more charitable mood… me I was just a bride to be that was to stressed out to see that it was not actually the end of the world.

There was only one other time that I completely and totally lost it before the wedding… another story for another day… there is a picture that speaks a thousand words from that moment.

Lessons to learn:

-Your Dad is the luckiest guy alive (not just for having us) but really who can yell into a crowd and get a ride home!

-Do not take rides from strangers… 99.9% will not be as nice as these people and I did not even approve of this when it did work out well.

-Whenever you hear your Uncles tell your Dad to “be a man” they were referring to this day

-I was being mean, and it was not nice… when you are mad you should not be mean, make your point another way.

PS. I am really sorry to all of my subscribers, I accidentally clicked publish the other day when I was drafting this and your received a preview of this post.


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