My First Husband

It seems scandalous from the headline of this post but yes I was married before. It was a quiet ceremony, your grandparents were not there but your Aunt was. It was everything I dreamed my wedding would be outdoors, with my closest friends.

You Aunt was the officiant, my sister-in-law my maid of honor and my brother-in-law the best man… thats it. No shower, bachelorette party or anything special like that. We were only engaged a few hours. I do not even remember what I wore. I was 6 maybe 7 years old, my husband double my age!!! I was in love, although to be fair not my first love, in nursery school I told my teacher in my yearbook interview that I was going to marry someone else and we were going “to have lots of babies.”

Your Aunt and the other guests at the wedding were so supportive of my love for my husband that they encourage our wedding. They painstakingly took care of all the details down to my wedding ring. It was a beautiful ring, my sister in law got it at the dentist the day before (when I was a kid the dentist gave girls plastic rings after a good exam).

It was a summer day, the date does not matter. We collected under the big tree in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I vaguely remember grandma telling your aunt that this was mean and that everyone should not tease me like this. I did not get it, I thought she was trying to keep me from getting married.  I told her I wanted to and was starting to get upset that she was stopping it. There was alot of giggling during the whole thing.

My groom was a sport, I think he felt bad for me being the youngest in the neighborhood I frequently was the first one it and the victim of other things I had no control over. What little girl does not have silly crushes on the boys in the neighborhood. All this aside I was giddy with excitement of what was happening.

While I do not remember how our relationship ended, my mom might have said something to me that night or I might have decided I like the guy from nursery school again the next day (he also lived in the neighborhood but he was much older). At any rate it was never weird, eventhough everyone was actually laughing at me it is a vivid and fun memory from childhood.

Lesson to learn:

-If you are having fun you should go with it.

-Do not let your adult recollection of events change the real feeling you had at the time. That is the true memory.

-Do not pick on the youngest kid in the neighborhood, it is not fair and they will not forget!



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2 responses to “My First Husband

  1. Do not pick the youngest kid in the neighborhood. I didn’t get it. Pick up for what? 😦

    • Sajib- I mean do not “pick on” or make “fun of” or make the youngest kid in the neighborhood the one the other kids in the neighborhood gang up on. Be nice to the youngest kid in the neighborhood.

      Thanks for pointing out that this phrase is not so clear.

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