Hurricanes we have loved before

I thought it might be important to tell you about how hurricanes follow your Dad and I. They started off with near misses and lead us to full blown Cat 4 direct hits on our location.


As the storm was rolling in


Back in 2003 I think. Your Dad and I were dating and we wanted a cheap vacation but to some place nice. Cruises from NY to Bermuda were one price, cheap and no airfare because they left from NYC. Your Dad wanted one week in Sept and I wanted the week before. Your Dad won I am sure because the week he wanted was cheaper, that was probably the only way I would have given in, honestly. So we booked it. As the trip approached a hurricane churned up in the Atlantic, hurricane George, I think, and it hit bermuda hard the week I wanted to go… Good job Dad…. The cruise that week changed course and went to Canada, Maine, and Boston… We heard it was a cold trip for the passengers. We got to go to Bermuda, however there were no buses to get around, we had to staying the one port we docked in (which was the farthest away from anything), and lots of things were closed due to the storm. All in all we had a wonderful trip. Your Dad got to scare the hell out of me by driving a moped around the island with me on the back, did I mention that they drive on the wrong side of the road there. Your Dad had decidedly more fun than I did…. Some of the fun at my expense. At that point we thought, wow what a story, what a near miss.

Fastforward to our honeymoon 2005. Katrina had hit New Orleans and the hits just kept coming. Even the forecasters were baffled and thought it would have to send soon. We went on our almost 14 day honeymoon with fingers crossed but the real thought was the Atlantic has to be out of storms by now. We made it almost through the entire trip with nothing affecting us then tropical storm Alpha came through and dumped tons of rain on our last two days of our honeymoon. Nothing terrible happened to the island or it’s residents just no sun and no fun. We were staying at the Four Seasons in Nevis, a stuffy resort with nothing to do but be pampered on the beaches… Need I say more.


Right outside our door


We loved St. Kitts so much we really wanted to go back again before we had kids. We went back for our three year anniversary (one year is paper and three year anniversary is beach right, have to check with Hallmark). We were so excited to go back we booked a 10 day trip. A little less than halfway through the trip we were hearing whispers about hurricane, but we quickly found out that the storm took a particularly odd southwestern track and was not threat. A few days later we heard about the same storm it turned completely around and was heading back to the the island but coming from the carribean side of the island. So then hotel prepared and Hurricane Omar impacted our vacation while we slept. It was a Cat 2 but came late at night and was gone by the morning. The hotel had some flooding and lots of downed branches but all in all we were completely unaffected by it as guests. Thing were getting more serious though as we were now not missing storms they were hitting us and hitting us harder.

We should have know that when we wanted to go away two years later for a weekend in the Caribbean that we might have trouble with a cat 4 storm.

See tomorrows post about our Cat 4 experience.


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