The Weekend we went away for a Week

It was a really busy year, I was work a lot and traveling a lot. I was stressed out and did not have a lot of down time between all my commitments. On equally bad days for your Dad and I we called each other and said “we need a vacation”. You were still to young to go on the Caribbean vacation we really wanted to go on so we booked a quick weekend trip to St. Thomas leaving Friday and returning Monday. You were going to stay with Granny and Grumpy for the weekend and Aunt N and your cousins for the bookend nights so you could go to daycare. We really only want to leave you for the weekend, I promise.

We arrived and the weather was beautiful. We quickly got to the hotel and hit the beach as fast as we could. The goal was to cram and entire week of relaxation into one weekend. On our first day we did it right, beach, swimming, a few beverages, I took a nap early into the afternoon on the beach… We got up at 330 am to catch early flight so we could have most of the day there. The next day was much the same, beach, pool, sleeping, swimming….etc. All of a sudden we noticed that the weather channel was not coming in anymore ( let’s face it when you are old enough to read you will laugh at this line because you know we are addicted to that channel). Since we are experienced travelers we knew exactly what it meant… Bad we weather was coming. We asked some staff and everyone had the same management inspired answer “I do not know anything.” we eventually found out that a hurricane was coming, that may or may not have a direct hit on the islands. Murmurs got louder but there was not a lot of info.

Sunday we hustled to Meagan’s Bay as originally planned to see one of the sot beautiful beaches in the world. No one was there…. Really no one. The locals were preparing for the storm and the cruise ships were not in town we had a wonderful morning there we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. We were seeing evidence of an impending storm, we literally watched h beach epode before our eyes while we were there, it was amazing. The beach basically washed away in the short time we were there. We headed back to the hotel.

They were starting to post some vague updates and telling us not to worry. Later that evening they made us change roams for ocean view room we were in to another room with and ocean view. We called Aunt N and told her we were worried we might not be coming home the next day… She was excited to have you for another day… She did not know what she signed up for. Later that night I checked our flight and it had been canceled less than hour earlier for the next day. I quickly tried to get us on the next flight….unfortunately the next flights with seats was on Thursday, 3 days after our original departure! I took it in hopes I might get us home earlier but wanted something confirmed.

The day of the storm arrived… We were served breakfast but told that we would only get lunch and that they would give a storm kit but we had to a go to our room and stay there from 2pm on till the storm was gone. Our storm kit was a poncho, bottle of water, saltines, and a bag pretzels, oh and wet naps how could I forget!

The storm was pretty crazy the wind howled and the rain fell quite hard at times. Your Dad went out non the terrace a few time and he scared me with his shenanigans. Overall everything went fine, the power did not go out (we were on generator power), the few tv stations they had came in and we generally had some connection with the Internet. It is pretty boring to be in a hotel room for an entire day especially when you are not sure of your power is going to go out or if your door is going to blow open.

We tried to no avail to get home sooner to you. All flights were booked, no extra seats, no extra flights and no other airlines we could get on. We thought you might forget us but I am hoping this is not true as I write this on our flight home.

The good part is we will see you tomorrow morning when you wake up…. The bad part is we brought Hurricane Earl with us up the eastern seaboard and will hit home tomorrow when we get to you.

As I am sure you will hear these stories a lot in your life. Hurricane Earl was the fourth in a string of hurricanes to affect our vacations.

Many people we shared our brief history of hurricanes with found it unbelievable that we could have experienced so many.

We love you and we are sorry our weekend away turned into a week.


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