Best Flower Girl Ever

Well we just got back from Aunt M and Uncle M’s wedding and it was an exhausting weekend of fun. Mommy needs a vacation after that trip. You were a superstar considering you had a double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes. I should back up and tell you how it all went down.

The week before the wedding we had lots of guest at the house and your eye was a little gross so because we were going out of town for the wedding I thought it was a good idea to bring you to the doctor to make sure everything was ok before we left town. That is when they told me you had a double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes. The doctors did a good job of making me feel like a complete fool for not knowing. In my defense you we having a blast with all the family that was visiting and you did not have any fevers. I really just had no idea but your are also awesome and did not fuss at all.

So we head to the wedding no problem… you napped well and slept even better that you normally do, some days you slept till 10 am and we woke you up… blackout shades are your friend (and mine)!

The day of the wedding was well choreographed. We had a babysitter come and watch you for the first time that weekend while Mommy and Daddy got ready we had a timeline to conform to there was no stopping us. You played and ate as much as we could possibly feed you so that you did not get hungry.

I even got ready early so we could drive around so you could nap in the car before the ceremony. You gave me a run for my money on this one, I had to drive around the neighborhood by the church for 20 mins to get you to fall asleep. You finally feel asleep and we sat in the parking lot and waited for everyone to arrive. We were the first ones there we got to see everyone arrive it was kinda exciting to see everyone get there. Once you woke up, at the perfect time I might add I got you dressed in a room. You made me nervous I was not sure that you were going to do it, you were very aprehensive about everything. Lots of people coming in to check on you. They were starting to make me nervous.

Then it was show time… were you going to walk down the aisle or not? You walked through the doors and then you turned the corner by the pews and stopped dead. To me it was a million years, I thought you were going to cry… thousands of things ran through my mind. You grabbed my hand and marched down the aisle at my side while twirling one of your pig tails.

I was doing the first reading and I had to leave you in the pew with Grandma and Grandpa (because Daddy with with Uncle M and Aunt M). I was so nervous, not to read, but because I thought you were going to CRY, SCREAM or otherwise make a huge scene. You and I made it. I was so relieved. When you started to fuss Grandma took out bracelets BUT when the vows started we had to retreat to the back. There was a good chance you were not going to make it. You ran around and played, ate cheerios and clapped. We made it and so did Uncle M and Aunt M.

They lived happily ever after!


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  1. That is such a sweet post! This one should be printed out and put into your daughter’s Baby Book, or whatever you call the thingy where you collect the memorable things for your little one. (I used to have an official Memory Book for my first child, now I simply collect it all in a plastic box due to lack of time:)). Your daughter looks adorable in those pictures! I’m sure she was the best part of the wedding (next to the bride, *of course*;))

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