Being Robbed Stinks!

This could be the guy who robbed us

This past Friday night we went to your Dad’s office Christmas party and I woke up in the middle of the night really hot and very thirsty so I went downstairs to get a glass of water. It was much cooler down there so I laid down on the couch. I fell asleep all cuddled up on the couch in a blanket. I hear papers moving and I think it is the Harpua and that he found a wrapper from one of my secret snacks from the pocket of my jacket or something. So I do not move. It keeps going on so I roll over and I see what is going on. I see your Dad with a hoodie on with the hood up going through my purse I say “what are you looking for?” the person stands up straight and does not answer. Bam… I instantly realize it is not your Dad and we are being robbed. I yell “get the <bleep> out my house, <Dad> call the cops someone is in the <bleeping> house” and I get up and chase him out of the house he runs out the backdoor throughout the yard and jumps the fence onto road behind the house which is a signfiigant drop.

I call the cops because because Daddy came running downstairs with a hockey stick to beat the guy. The cops finally get there and the guy is long gone. They ask me a million questions but it is tough because he NEVER turned around. He stole all but one dollar out of Daddy’s wallet and took a ten dollar target gift card out of my wallet. He did not take our camera, iPad…etc.the cops said we are the first house to have this happen to someone is doing this in apartments. They take cash and prescription drugs. They dusted for prints (what a waste like this guy was really using his bare hands to rob people) and thought about calling the k9 unit but my wallet is leather and a dog cannot get a scent.

This is what your puppy did while this was all happening... someone walks by the house and he barks... someone comes in and he sleeps

In the moment I was calm or even that day I was not rattled but I had really bad dreams that night and I could not sleep the night after. I still agree with what I did but I am not sure what would do if they had turned around and tried to fight me.

Did I mention I only had a tshirt and underwear on… Not  vigilante gear!

Lessons learned:

  • Remember to lock  your doors
  • Be brave
  • Follow your instincts, they will lead you the right way
  • Have a fabric wallet so the dog can pick up the scent
  • Sleep in enough clothes to defend yourself
  • Make sure that your dog wakes up when you actually need him to jump and lick a visitor in your house.

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