The Best Little Bear in the World

My favorite book as a very young kid was Corduroy. I read that book every day. I can remember every single illustration for all the classic books. I wanted a bear just like Corduroy. I loved how Lisa’s Mom let her go back and get the him with the money that she had. Lisa had a nice room with a little bed for him. She took him everywhere and really cared for him. She was worried when he was lost and he wanted to be back with her.

Nothing made me happier than to come home on Sunday after my first cookie swap to find out that Daddy had read you the book several times (to the point where Daddy hid the book). It is the only book you let me read cover to cover without trying to flip the pages before I am done. When we get to the end of the first book you want to hug me the way Lisa hugs Corduroy and at the end of the second book we nuzzle noses.

It is amazing to sit with you and read you my favorite book and see you as interested in it as I was.

Lessons you can learn from the book:

  • Save up for the things you want
  • Just because soemthing is not perfect it does not mean it is not right for you
  • Not all toys need packaging
  • Pockets are awesome

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One response to “The Best Little Bear in the World

  1. Great blog. So sincere. I would have to say I love that book as well. It was made me think stuffed animals had feelings.
    Great story.
    And you’re right. Pockets are awesome.

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