Will Travel for Ice Cream

The story I am going to tell you tomorrow will make even more sense if I tell you this story first. I have mentioned to you that I love ice cream. For my 30th birthday your Dad gave me the best gift. He would not tell me what it was leading up to my birthday but he told me I would not be able to attend Aunt S’s baby shower due to our plans. I was disappointed but also intrigued to see what he had planned.

The day before he told me we were going to Vermont for my actual 30th birthday we were staying at a bed and breakfast but more importantly we were going to the Ben and Jerry’s for a factory tour. I cannot lie I was so excited! I wanted to go straight there and we did we drove all morning to make sure we got there in enough time to get a tour before they closed that day.

We got there and it was awesome. It was like going to Disney for me as an adult. It was not a huge place and because my birthday was around Thanksgiving the factory was not actually operating that day so we only saw where they would do work if it open but they were still doing tours, thank goodness, your Dad checked that out before booking the trip!

The store was awesome, all sorts of fun Ben and Jerry’s stuff. We decided to sign up for the full-blown tour were we got a t-shirt, magnet, and pint of ice cream. I have to say I had to really think about what flavor I was going to pick. I also got one of the coolest things there ever, a pint cozy. You will see me use it every time I have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s it is the sleeve I put on the pint so my fingers do not get cold when I hold it… best invention ever, best purchase ever! You Dad is still jealous he did not get one too.

At the factory they have a graveyard of retired flavors. I may have mentioned to you that Making Whoopie Pie is my favorite flavor that was only out for a year and I miss it terribly. If I ever get to meet Ben or Jerry I will be sure to mention it!

The rest of the weekend was awesome too, we went shopping, went to some great restaurants and went to awesome Christmas store that started the beginning of our Christmas village! It was a great weekend! You Dad gave me one of the best 30th birthday present I could ask for!


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