I am a Total Geek

So every geek would kill to get into an Apple press conference with Steve Jobs talking about the newest gadget everyone will have to have! Well I had the opportunity to go to my version of an Apple press conference… a press conference with Ben and Jerry and Jimmy Fallon on the 2 year anniversary of Jimmy’s show.

I was in heaven… eating Fair Trade ice cream… Late Night Snack to be more specific. Vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirl and chocolate covered potato chip clusters… YUM! I might have a new flavor to add to my favorite ice cream list!

So I got to be in an Elite group of people who got to taste the ice cream before anyone else and have a small press conference with Jimmy, Jerry, and Ben. I got to ask a question… I asked Ben and Jerry to bring back my favorite flavor from the graveyard, Makin Whoopie Pie (I also asked a question about the environment read about that here).

I had said for years, since 2003 to be exact, that if I ever met Ben and/or Jerry I would ask them to bring that flavor back. I often get “chunkmail” asking what flavor I would want to come back and I always answer the same. They were visionaries they introduced Whoopie pie ice cream before Whoopie pies had made their comeback everywhere.

Jimmy Fallon is hilarious, I cannot imagine working for him he must be a ton of fun. He seems to be a foodie that really enjoyed the whole process of working with Ben and Jerry on this flavor. It is really refreshing to see this kinda of genuine excitement for something.

This opportunity was something that fell into my lap but I have to tell you I think it is one of the great things about 2011.

So sorry A I did not get to say good night to you tonight but Mommy had a really fun time and anytime you have Late Night Snack ice cream you can know your Mom got to try it first!

PS I also got my first “press pass” today!


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