Dear Baby Number Two

It was about 9 days after the fire. I was sure I knew what I was going to see but your Dad and I stood in your Aunt N’s bathroom and found out that yes in fact you were coming. It was very exciting news, one that we did expect to get while we were living at home.

You gave Mommy a very hard time those first 12 weeks you made my tummy hurt morning and evening everyday somedays worse than others. Your Dad and Aunt N made alot of fun of me for sensitive sense of smell and my inability to stay awake past 8pm. Many nights I fell asleep sitting up sometimes with the computer on my lap trying to work or do something for the fire claim. I simply could not keep my eyes open most of the time.

We had the 12 week ultrasound and you were jumping around enjoying breakfast. When I saw how active you were I was sure you were going to keep me up nights when I could actually feel you… we will see. As you know Mommy needs her sleep so please be gentle and considerate.

Your sister is very excited for you, although I am sure she does not really know what it means that you are coming. Yesterday she tried to look through my belly button to see you when I told her there was baby in my belly as she has been noticing that I am growing faster than her!

We get to see a you again this Thursday and maybe you can tell us if you are a boy or girl this time. Daddy and I are having a really tough time with boy names so please let us know so we can focus our discussions appropriately.

We are all very excited to see you in September… be a good baby till then and go easy on me particularly in the summer months and do not worry we will be living at home again before you come!

-Love, Mommy



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2 responses to “Dear Baby Number Two

  1. I love this blog. How sweet!

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