The Day Before A Was Born

That is actually a poor title for this post because most of the action happened the day before you were born. In fact let me back up to my last day at work. On the Friday before you were born, I worked diligently to leave my desk meticulously clean (which is a miracle, I have only done that on my last day at a job, before an office move and maybe a handful of other highly motivated times). I left notes, spreadsheets, postdated checks, and letters. I left nothing undone, I left relieved and satisfied that I had not left my coworkers high and dry.

At a birthing class your Dad and I took the about a month and a half before, the teacher went around the room and asked people how they were feeling. We were toward the end of the line and the first Mom’s to be shared alot of info so I shared alot of info. The nurse teaching the class told me to call my doctor that Monday because I was showing signs of prelabor. I secretly panicked… your Dad reading this will be surprised. I was not ready yet, I had not finished my work, I had not prepped all the work I needed to do, I had not set up your room, I did not have my clothes for the hospital particularly a robe to wear when the visitors came.

So back to Friday, I finished my work turned my out of office on and left with an amazing sense of accomplishments. I remember the fantastic feeling on the train ride home that night that I had done well. I was also still scanning my memory to make sure I had not forgotten something major that would make my coworkers hate me.

I slept like a log that night. I had no commitments, I had a week and half before my due date and I was going to take my free time by the horns. Your Dad got me a comfy lounge chair for the deck and I was going to do nothing. Saturday I set out to get my robe… it was critical and I did not want any projects hanging over my head. I do not even remember where I got it, I think at Macy’s. Nothing special it was green with little tiny white polka dots, it was cotton and little short. I came home and put in the bag I already had packed.

Saturday night I went to bed but I was uncomfortable, I kept waking up and felt generally not great. I woke up very early on Sunday and did not feel well for about an hour I had contractions that were about 8 mins apart but by the time I was sure they were that far apart they would stop. and this went on for a while all morning. I told your Dad I think this is the beginning. I had read that this could happen for days. I went about my day lying around and doing nothing.  I played the Wii alot (Dr. Mario nothing action packed, Guitar Hero was getting difficult to play because of my belly).

Then all of a sudden while I was playing the Wii I was sure my water broke. Lets put it this way I knew something was up and that I had not pee’d you are my first kid I had no idea what was actually happening. I called the doctor and She Devil Doctor called me back . She said she did not think my water broke but if my contractions got to 5 mins apart to call her back.

The day went on and almost once my contractions were almost 5 mins apart… but then slowed down or stopped. I was still thinking my water broke or was leaking. I did not know what to do but I had already called the doctor and that She Devil was no someone to mess with.

Side note: I call her a She Devil not because of personal experience (before you were born), there are 3 doctors in the practice and only one is a female. I have friends (and your Aunt N) who have had children with them and they all told me she was the Devil in a doctor’s coat. So why did I go with her and the practice, every one of them followed up their She Devil comment with the fact that she was an excellent doctor and the one they would want with them if they were ever in serious distress.

My phone rang at about 7pm, your Dad and I were about to take Harpua out on a walk. I answered to hear the She Devil on the phone asking me how I was. I told her I thought I was leaking but that my contractions were coming and going but they were not 5 mins apart. She told me to come to the hospital right away, she was concerned if I was leaking. So we walk Harpua about a block because we had already put his leash on and it would be the meanest thing ever to not walk him and leave him for god knows how long to go to the hospital.

We get in the car and go to the hospital. Your Dad and I were pretty calm. I was not in insane throws of labor, I was having some contractions but I was not 100% convinced we were staying.  TO BE CONTINUED!


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  1. I love these kind of stories… can’t wait for more!

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