The Day A Was Born

So we pick up the story with your Dad dropping me off at the ER. Luckily the hospital we go to lets pregnant women go straight up to labor and delivery so there was no issue there. The doctors hook me up to the monitor and my contractions pick up almost immediately (mind over matter?). They give me some water because I am very thirsty and then the doctor comes in and examines me and says I am definately in the labor but she does not think my water broke but she wants to do an ultrasound to look around. About 2 seconds into the ultrasound she looks at the nurse smile in a nowing way to one another and says, “uh oh, you ate before you came here right?” and the nurse chimes in and says “I gave her water too.” I at this point is wondering what the heck is going on and the promptly tell me that you were breach (wrong position) and that I would have to have a c-section which they would schedule for 6 am the next day (it was about 8:30 or 9:00pm). They told me you might change position overnight and that I would labor the for the next few hours and pretty much left me there.

That was pretty much it, they moved me to a room in the delivery section of the hospital not the “mini-er/hyserical women who cannot identify labor section.” I was hooked up to a monitor and my labor progressed all night. Nothing good was on TV, I watched alot of Cops that night, which I like but it just was not what I was in the mood for. I emailed a few of my friends and the family to tell them you were coming. Honestly if it were during the day I think I would have been more entertained because people would have emailed back and forth with me but I did not move into a room until about 11pm. But I digress, basically I spent the night winching in pain every few minutes while your Dad slept in the pull out bed next to me. He luckily did not snore that much (it can be a problem). Since they knew I was going to have c-section as much I as wanted him to be awake I realized other than keeping me company there was nothing he could do. I thought it might good for him to be well rested for the next day when you were actually here. I did not know what I was going to be doing so I felt that one parent had to be alert!

At about 3am I started to wuss out in a big way. I was like why I am I suffering through this pain knowing full well I was going to have drugs soon. I asked the nurse of there was anything they could do. They called the doctor and she said all I could have was a half a pill of something! It was likely more than Tylenol but the affect it had on me probably rivaled a Tylenol. By 5 am I had enough. I woke your Dad up! No one was coming in and checking on me, which was fine what could they do, but it was really uncomfortable. At some point a nurse came in and was like Dad you have to get dressed, Mom come with me… it was like a tornado. They handed your Dad a plastic bag with a bunch of scrub pieces in it with no instruction. Told him to take all our things and meet me in Operating room 2. So here is Daddy, kinda groggy from just waking up getting barked at, did not know how to put everything on they had given him and he did not know where the operating rooms where either.

So I kid you not, I walked to operating room. Meanwhile the nurse explains to me why there was such a frenzy apparently the woman next door was giving birth to twins naturally RIGHT before and they had to have all the nurses in there…etc. So there were two babies with you in that hospital who have one of the toughest Mom’s ever. I am sure I saw her at some point, she is mythical hero.

So I am in the operating room, your Dad is not there yet and they have me sitting up on the operating table like I am hanging out. They are starting to prep my back for the spinal block and I am like “wait we cannot do this now another contraction is about to happen I am not sure I can stay perfectly still.”  They were like “oh good thing you told us, you absolutely cannot move.” So they waited and then did it…very uneventful. I am laying down now and they have me all hooked up. They seemed ready to go. I said, “You cannot start until my husband is in the room, he very squimish about blood and he will never be able to walk by you doing anything to get to my head.” So they sent a nurse out to find Daddy who was dropping our things off in recovery.

So now your Dad is in the room, Thank God! But I am also convinced that I can still feel things. I tell the doctor, “I can still feel you touching me.” I say this several times. For some reason, and maybe it was the amazing amount of lack of sleep, I thought I could feel because you are only numb for a section of your body so obviously they are touching your skin so I could feel my skin moving in the un-numb parts and I was SURE that meant I felt everything. They told me they had just done something “VERY  painful” and they were sure I was numb. I took them at their word but I am not going to lie I did NOT believe them I thought I was going to be screaming in pain “I told you so” any minute. But the doctor was right. And in what seemed like a minute you were born.

They supposely held you up for me to see right away but since I clued them in on Daddy’s squimish feelings the curtain was as high as it could go so I did not see you till you were all nice and clean and wrapped up. They brought you over for me to see and your eyes were so big and open I was very surprised to see you so alert. Your Dad held you next to my head for our first family picture (we do not have that many either). While they were working on me we looked at you and I noticed Daddy was getting a little grey, we will leave out the details but there were things that even I could see that would make your Dad uneasy. I suggested to the nurse that she take you back from Daddy and he agreed.

This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy… I think your Dad left with you for a little bit and then you both came back to me in the weird dark recovery area. That is where I got to hold you for the first time. You seemed so tiny to hold but to big to have been “there.” It is very hard to explain. We got to hang out with you for awhile and then you and Daddy had to go away again for your tests…etc. I slept. They moved me to the closet across the hall from the nursery… sounds like a dramatic statement but seriously this room must have been a closet in its orginal creation. My bed touched almost both walls and the door when it opened touched the bed. It had a great view of the parking lot and was spacious enough to accomodate the visitors that started to arrive as soon as we were allowed to have them.

Your Grandparents, Aunt N, L and H all came to visit us as soon as they were allowed. L and H left school early to come see you, they were so excited to meet you. As with all important days in our life there was an epic weather event, hail storms the likes of which I have NEVER seen in my life (even the day the tree fell). That night on the news they showed the town next to the hospital where people had to shovel the hail because there was so much. Luckily it was a short storm and everything was ok.

Later than night Uncle D, Aunt M and Uncle M all came to meet you too. Uncle M likes to laugh at what I did when he arrived. I was holding you and he walked in the door and I promptly handed you over to him. He was taken aback… this is where the fact I have no brothers showed. As a sister and an Aunt all I wanted to do when your cousins arrived was hold them. I assumed that Uncles had the same interest. Not the case to this day Uncle M talks about what I did.


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  1. ha ha great story… it brings back memories of my own! Awww your baby is perfect.

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