Birthday Party Fun!

So A, your second birthday was met with alot of celebrations. We had a birthday party the Saturday after your birthday. I could have tried to find more time to plan and do creative things but Mommy had limited time and stamina this year.

Next year I promise I will give it my all. Right now the best Mommies pick themes for their kids birthday parties. I loosely picked a flower theme, same as last year and of course incredibly original right? Like I said, promise to do better next year.

I was the lucky recipient of a prize from Love The Day. After wining a prize pack on Cupcakes and Cutlery’s party blog. Lindi was nice enough to let me redeem my prize well after a respectable amount of time for honoring it and I think that was pretty awesome. Thanks again Lindi! I chose the flower party pack that came with all sorts of fun stuff (follow the link to see her Etsy shop).

Here is the banner I hung in the dining room on the brand new wall (you would never know that was were the fire was now). I printed out each letter, cut it into a square and tied it together with ribbon I had that matched perfectly! This was one of the coolest things at the party.

Here are the party hats. You are at a phase where you love party hats and this was perfect. Even some of the little boys at your party wore these hats. Specials thanks to Aunt M and Uncle D for helping me attach the ties while the party was going on!

There were cupcake toppers in the set, which I used two way: one as cupcake toppers for the cupcakes on your actual birthday and then I used them to attach them to ribbon to hang as decoration!

There was also a welcome sign that I hung with the pennant banner in whipped up earlier that week. Definitely not the best I could have done but I wanted reusable decorations. I used fabric that was the same on both sides so in could double it back across the window without issues.

The favors were something in really liked. I have a really hard time filling a bag with a bunch of plastic junk. So I just went to the local toy store and got these awesome toys, age appropriate for your friends and they wrapped them up. I had matching “thanks for coming ” notes on them.

Here is what I got the kids

  • Older girls bottle cap bracelets
  • Older boys Melissa and Doug paint your own race car
  • The 2 year olds a bubble gun with bubbles
  • The youngest kids of the bunch Melissa and Doug wiggly worm
You looked so cute in the ice cream cone dress I got you when I was traveling for work last year… You finally fit into it. It is handmade dress that is reversible. Ice cream cones on one side and little hearts on the other! So Cute!
So now we have to get to your cake… ice cream cake! From Applegates Farm, chocolate and vanilla, I had to go basic for everyone else we could not get the super chocolately one. It was so yummy and there was leftover for us for a few days!
Most importantly you had a great time with your friends. You played in the yard on your slide and everyone got to drive all your cars. I also have to include a photo of the “cow-a-corn” that Uncle R drew with chalk and your older friends colored in. I am going to be sad when it rains and it is gone, I am happy I took a picture of it! Uncle R is a very talented artist!


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4 responses to “Birthday Party Fun!

  1. So sweet, I cannot wait to have kids! x

  2. Darling! Everything turned out so fantastic! Do you mind sharing some of these photos on my FB?? They need to be shared!
    -Love The Day

  3. I love it!!! It turned out super cute! And I can’t believe how big A is! Maybe you should keep it consistent and do a flower theme every year, on purpose. 🙂

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