Summer 2011 Super Vacation

So the trip started out with your Dad and I think that it might not be the best idea since we got stuck in traffic that would have allowed us enough time to go to Caribbean on a plane. We had spent a tremendous amount of time packing, not jut suitcases but boxes of stuff including towels, food, toys…etc. Thats right we rented a shore house with Granny, Grumpy, Uncle D, Aunt M, and Uncle M. We were looking forward to spending the week with them but the prep was draining and the drive made us all want to turn around.

You were a trooper it was not until hour 3.5 (again in a drive that should have taken 1.5 hours) you melted down and to be honest your Dad and I wanted to cry just as hard. I had to go to the bathroom, your Dad was hungry and we were just stuck in traffic with nowhere to go to solve our problems!

Once we got onto the island we stopped for an amazing lunch hamburgers, a chocolate milkshake that we all shared and french fries… we probably would have eaten anything. You ate a banana while we waited for our food to come out! Then we got to the house. The house was more than big enough for us… room for your brother and future cousins too! There is a room of bunk beds that was empty and ready to be filled.

The house was 5 houses from the beach which was about as far as Mommy wanted to walk being over 7 months pregnant and it was over 90 a few days we were there.

It rained a few times while we were there but mostly it was nice at the beach even the hot or overcast days turned out OK. We lacked motivation in the morning with was probably the worst part, we seemed to not get ourselves to beach soon enough each day.

Daddy boogy boarded most days with Uncle D and Uncle M and the ladies played on the beach building sand castles and sand animals (starfish, octopus, and whatever else we had a mold for). You also read magazines with Aunt M, you learned about Snookie and JWow and got updated on the pop-culture from 8 months ago, you see Aunt M reads her US Weekly’s in order and she was behind so you we reading about things from the fall but that is ok I am not sure you minded.

One of your favorite activities was finding shells on the beach. You did not like the broken ones so we did not have that many to keep. Poor Aunt M, you kept grabbing her hand asking her to go find shells with you. She was a good sport but I think she would have preferred more relaxation time on the beach.

Your other favorite thing was the boat that Aunt M built you… I have never seen one of these but it is the coolest thing ever I love it and will promise to make you one every time we go to the beach.

One night we went out to dinner the whole family to a resturant on the bay, it was not bad but it was not great either. You had fun putting your french fries on your lip like a mustache and coloring on the tablecloth. I am little concerned you think you can draw on all tables now we will see how that goes.

We also got to go to the amusement park, there is no board walk there but this was just as good. Aunt M is awesome at the “grab a stuffed animal game” and your Mom by the way is the worst at that game. Between everyone in the family playing games you had more tickets than you could possible need at 2 years old so you got alot of junk but we had a great time. After the games we went outside and went on some rides. You loved the ride you went on by yourself and hated the ones your Dad went on with you. You loved riding the car. I am also pretty sure you were so EMBARASSED by your whole family surrounding the ride and every few feet seeing one of us calling out your name. At one point you buried your head in your hands… this preparation for a lifetime of embarrassment at our hands, remember it is done out of love!

In addition to all that fun, you really enjoyed just spending that much time with the whole family. You greeted everyone with a huge hello every morning that I think people enjoyed as long as it was when they were actually awake.

I think we are going to do this again next year but we will wait and see… it may be harder with two kids. I know Daddy is going to have to boogy board less but then again I will not be pregnant again next year either!


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  1. Your daugher is so cute. I hope you guys had a great time.

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