The Years Fly By

I have been good and bad about taking pictures some times I have pictures of several days of month and other times I have very few. Here is a glimpse of how you have grown over the last two years looking at how you looked in July of each year.

Here you are in 2009 only a few weeks old

I loved that onesie, Daddy and I bought it for you before you were born it was the most expensive piece of clothing we ever bought you… probably because we have bought you VERY little clothes your family and friends have purchased enough cloth to dress you and a twin sister at least.

This was taken one day when you, Daddy, Harpua and I decided to just sit outside in the yard and enjoy the beautiful weather. There are alot of funny pictures from that day, but I like this close up of you.

This picture just makes me laugh because you and Daddy match with your orange shirts and you Dad has this “you can’t shake me” look on his face. This is really one of my favorite pictures.

Last year

This one is another favorite of mine! Look at the face!

Such a great expression. I mean what more can you say about this picture.

I do not need to say much about this picture except it was one of my favorite ice cream places and you face tells it all… you are just as happy as me to be there!

This year

Just to cool… those sunglasses make you a “rock star”

I am sure that this is one of the moments where you were so into watching Mickey on TV that you could not be bothered with noticing that I was taking your picture.

This was taken just this weekend when you had a tea party with Daddy!


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