Our Crazy Weekend

This weekend was jam packed with adventures… at one point I thought you were going to make your arrival early Boom Boom (yet to be named baby boy).

A went shoe shopping with Grandma and it was an adventure. You came home with your “pink sparkle princess shoes,” sparkle sneakers, and pair of brown dressy shoes. The pink sparkle shoes were the true hit because it appear you wore them out of the store. Then you went with Grandma to get some clothes for Boom Boom, had lunch and visited Grandpa (“Grumpy”) at the Elks.

Meanwhile, Mommy and Daddy were getting the stuff we needed for Boom Boom like a crib, mattress and few other things that needed to not be girly or we needed to replace or duplicate. We also found the double stroller we wanted to get for the two of you. It is very versitile so when you guys want to fight we an seperate you and when you want to cooperate you can play or enjoy each other company.

Daddy and I had lunch at Sonic, while this is the first time in a really really long time we had a babysitter, we were hungry after shopping and it this is what was available and fast. I did not mind, I got a chocolate milkshake my favorite so I was set!

I ended up coming home and going shopping with Aunt N because I needed some stuff for my hospital bag which I have yet to pack, what am I waiting for!

The real adventure of the weekend started when I got home… I opened the door to the house and directly down at the other end of the hall I saw a small animal flopping on the ground the promptly got up and flew at me…. It was a bat! I saw A’s pink toy stroller take a swat at it and I asked your Dad in a shriek “Is that a bat!” Which he promptly replied, “Yes get out of the house.” I could hear you A crying in your room but I knew that Daddy closed the door so I did not worry.

I waited on the front porch as I tried to look in the window to see what what going on but I could not see anything. After what seemed like forever, waiting in silence (Harpua did not make a sound, no barking no nothing) your Dad came out and said “I think it flew out the back door I lost him.” This did NOT make me feel better!

I was completely freaked out. I made you Dad walk me upstairs to the bathroom, I sat on the chair in the living room with a blanket over my head. I simply could not relax. I decided to go to bed early because I just could not calm down. So I went up to our room and watched tv and read stuff on the computer. I eventually fell asleep.

Your Dad informed me that the bat made his appearance while he was reading to A at bed time. He said he “shreked like a girl” and ran and put you in bed and closed the door behind him. Then he went about chasing the bat with a broom and the play stroller.

At about 1 am, Harpua starts to cry because there is a thunderstorm rolling in and you know he hates them. I was so exhausted from the day I hardly wake up. Then all of a sudden Daddy said “Holy #$%@! Get under the covers!” I opened my eyes for one second to see the bat swooping in the room. I crawl all the way under the covers. Apparently the bat had been hanging on the back of headboard the WHOLE NIGHT!! Daddy fought quite a battle and the bat lost his life. Your Dad just threw him out the window in case he was not totally dead.

Your Dad is my hero!

Lessons to learn

  • If you do not see the bat leave it probably did not.
  • Your dog will never ever defend you, he has now failed to do any warning about a bat and completely ignored the robber in our house. Although to be fair he did seem to know about the severity of the storm the made the tree fall on the house.
  • Your Dad is Awesome
  • You should keep a hockey stick next to the bed (the bat met his end with the hockey stick)
  • Do NOT leave the back door open even for a little bit you never know what will fly in!

PS after all that stress I was pretty sure I was going to go into labor because I was not feeling awesome to begin with! But I did not!


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