Waiting and Waiting

Ok Boom Boom, I feel we have waited long enough to meet you. I thank you for not coming during Hurricane Irene that would have put a really new spin on our hurricane stories of the past (Irene was the 3rd hurricane we were in in 4 years!).

It is getting harder to sleep at night and everyone keeps asking me when I am going to have you. While technically speaking your not late yet (you are close) your sister came early so everyone figured you would to so the questions have been pretty nonstop for the last two weeks. While I appreciate everyone’s concern and as every mother with tell you the day your child is born the world stops caring about you instantly.

I have pretty much packed the bag and done all the things I have to do. I have even entered the addresses in the website I am ordering your birth announcements from so they can mail it for me. I have all the forms I need to fill out after you are born…etc.

I do not want to sound impatient and I do not want to sound hysterical but I am concerned that you may be late at other things in life. I do not like to be late, it bothers me. We do not need to be early but we cannot be late either.

So your Dad, sister and I are really looking forward to meeting you and we hope that we can soon.

Lesson to learn:

  • Do not be impatient like Mommy can be sometimes (usually when I have not had enough sleep… just saying)
  • Be on time

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