Everyone is Having “Firsts”

So it is typical when you have a two month old at home for lots of firsts but even Mommy has had some firsts lately. Here are some exciting things that have happened in the last few weeks

Boom Boom’s first bath

Snow in October. This has been referred to as “Snowtober.” It is the earliest significant snowfall in our area in recorded history. I cancelled Halloween but thankfully did not cause damage or destruction to our home or property.

Boom Boom slept through the night for 3 consecutive nights in a row. You must have read my post begging you to let me sleep, you are just so smart.

Mommy saw her first shooting star. We were driving home from Grandma and Grumpy’s, you were both asleep but just as we were getting off the exit you could see it as clear as day (does that saying work here?)!

While this is not a first it is a funny story from this week. A you were jumping on the couch (one of several times that day) and Daddy and I kept telling you to stop that you would hurt yourself. Well you decided to jump again around bedtime, when your coordination is admittedly comprised from exhaustion. You fall off the couch, you cry a little but are not really injured. Daddy asks you “what did you learn” (expecting a response along the lines of you told me so). A responds “safety first!” Thank you Aunt M for getting that saving stuck in all our heads and a great catch phrase for dealing with injuries and teachable moments! Your Dad and I could not help but laugh.

Lessons to learn

  • It may take almost 35 years to see a shooting star but don’t despair you will even when you are not looking for it
  • Children sleeping through the night makes for a very happy Mommy
  • And most importantly Safety First!

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