Why I Love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been my one of my favorite holiday’s for alot of different reasons. My birthday occasionally falls on Thanksgiving which honestly is not one of the reasons why I like Thanksgiving so much…depending on your age the idea of hanging out with your family on your birthday can be comforting and fun or utterly depressing. Planning my birthday party when I was a kid was always a challenge because my friends would go to Grandma’s house so my parties were either very small or significantly before or after my birthday… but I digress.

One reason why I like Thanksgiving is there is nothing to be divided over. It is not a religious holiday so there is no awkward questions related to it when you are not sure if people celebrate it. If you are standing on US soil on Thanksgiving Day you are eligible, and I would say, kind of expected to celebrate. This makes this one of the best holidays of the year because there is no explaining to your other faith friends who come to the event why you do certain things, though we all have our Thanksgiving traditions it just personal preference not religious expression.

Second the food is awesome! I love turkey, pumpkin, sweet potato, stuffing, cranberry sauce (both fresh and the canned variety) and of course “snacks” (the general term in Dad’s family to refer to all things consumed before dinner). I truly enjoy all the variations of food you can have, I could try a different stuffing recipe from now till the day I die I think.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I went once and had great seats (will tell you about that another time) but watching it at home, in my jammies eating a big breakfast, that did not include cereal (my typical breakfast) is awesome. I also like the relatively new tradition of watching the dog show afterwards, you know me and dogs so what a great thing to have one when I getting ready.

Football, I love football but only NFL football. I cannot comprehend this nonsense that goes on with NCAA Football and the bowl games and most of those kids go on to do other things so just when you get to know them they are gone. I get to have a longer relationship with the NFL players. Plus as you know Mommy is an avid Fantasy Football player? manager? I have never known how to classify myself…. I would say champion but that is pompous and arrogant but also not true there are some years I have lost. I will say I have played in at least one league every year since 1997 so I have had a good run (again another story for another day).

At the end of the day it marks the beginning of the Christmas season which I also love… decorating the tree, the house, baking cookies, going shopping (yes, I do like shopping for Christmas gifts at stores during the holiday season and to the best of my knowledge your father is not going to ask me to see someone about that).

I look forward to having my Thanksgivings and occasional birthdays with you guys. I will tell you that Mom will expect you to come home Thanksgiving on the occasional year where my birthday falls on it.

Photo: Me on my first birthday and the turkey from my first bday with a candle in it (important to note I do not have a picture of the cake from my first birthday (suspicous)


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