What I am Thankful For This Year

This year (meaning from last Thanksgiving to this Thanksgiving) has been filled with many great things and few harder things. Here is a list of what I am thankful for this year!

For Aunt N, L, and H for letting us live with them for 4 months while we had the house repaired after the fire. A you are closer with L and H than most kids are with their cousins and living together only helped that relationship.

For Daddy being so understanding of my horrible morning sickness while living at his sister-in-laws 3 bedroom house with 5 women!

For Granny and Grumpy  and Uncle D for letting Harpua live with them while we were homeless. I have no idea what we would have done with Harpua with out them. I know it was hard on them having our big lovable guy there.

For all our friends and family for their understanding and support after the fire.

Thankful that the one night I fell asleep on the couch I chased the guy out of our house trying to rob us (whole story here).

For all the people who helped me navigate the insurance claim process (a process I would not wish on my worst enemy)

Very thankful that the house is finally starting to feel like a home again and we have unpacked the boxes and other stuff (it is amazing how a VERY small fire has little difference on the amount of clean up and work that needs to be done).

Thankful I have a great job that was understanding of crazy life I had this year.

I think it is great that we got a vacation this year with the whole family… it was a great and relaxing time (except the drive down, I hate traffic)

Really happy that you A are the most adaptable child ever. You did not skip a beat all year from living at Aunt N’s to visits to Granny and Grumpy’s every weekend to see Harpua, to becoming a big sister (and getting some painful teeth along the way).

Thankful that all the possible complications that came up being pregnant with Boom Boom was nothing and that you arrived happy, healthy, and large (also my recovery was much easier so how could not be thankful for that).

I am thankful that I am Mom to the cutest, happiest baby boy in the whole world. You are truly one of the happiest babies I have ever come across.

I am thankful that I am Mom to the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the world. I enjoy watching you get older and the time we spend together reading books (I still cannot believe how fast you memorize the books we read together), baking cookies (I love the fact you like to cook with me, it will be very helpful when we start making Boom Boom’s baby food), and I cannot get over some of the conversations we have and imagination that you show (I am 100% sure that you did not go swimming at school the other day but you created a very elaborate story it is hard to argue with it).

I can honestly say that this year has shown me that we as a family can handle alot together and I am happy we are all together to share all these crazy times together!

Lesson to Learn:

  • I love you both very much
  • Always be thankful for your friends and family at a moments notice you may need them or they may need you
  • Apperciate every experience that you have, even when it seems bad there are many great things to be taken from it

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