Great People You Meet Along the Way

When I started this blog I had zero intentions of any one reading it. I simply wanted a cloud based place for me to keep my writing and thoughts to the two of you (well there was only one of you when I started writing). I did not want to spend a ton of time writing and then get the “blue screen” and lose all my thoughts to you both (I wonder if when you read this you will even know what I mean by blue screen… it is what happens when your computer dies and you usually cannot get anything from it).

I wrote posts and did not publish them. One day I decided I was going to publish them because I might meet some really interesting people who had similar stories or fun comments. Many of the things I write to you are serious thoughts but with my funny twist to them.

On my first post that I published I was Freshly Pressed on WordPress, which is an honor and brings alot of traffic to your site. So much for this being a journal no one read! To this day only your father and one friend knows I even write this as it is my thoughts to you both and it seems almost weirder for people who know me to read that.

I have been contacted by a few people for various reasons and I want to share the story of one person who has reached out to me. I want to share her story with the people who come here and read my stories to you and for you to know her story as well.

Heather Von St. James emailed me and sent me a link to her blog (Click Here). She is a mesothelioma survivor. She is a young woman in her 30’s who was diagnosed when her daughter was 3 months old (the exact same age as you Boom Boom now as I write this). She opted for a radical procedure that required her to basically leave her daughter for over a month in the care of her parents while she sought treatment. Her story is an inspiration in optimism, she had many sacrifices to make and a difficult road to go down with choices none of us want to make but she remained positive.

Heather’s strength and positive attitude I believe are a huge part of her recovery and her continued strength. She will continue to live life with some physical limitations her illness caused her but now her daughter is 6 years old and she is sharing her story with others.

I think everyone should check out her story be inspired by her strength.



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2 responses to “Great People You Meet Along the Way

  1. Life is a journey, isn’t it? Will check out Heather’s blog as well

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