Christmas Card Out Takes 2011 Edition

It is fair to say that our photo session the other night in an effort to get the best Christmas card was not as successful as I had hoped. To be totally fair I must have set the bar high thinking a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old would pose well for pictures. I think I was lulled into thinking that because the professional family portraits we had done were so great you guys would be awesome in the living room with Harpua watching you!

After 20 minutes, two different locations of poses, and over 60 pictures we produced alot of shots like these:

Lessons to learn:

  • Perserverance: Do not give up easily
  • Taking pictures of two young children is incredibly difficult do not take your friends Christmas cards for granted
  • Cropping and photoshopping is your friend and is perfectly allowed to for Christmas cards (for the record I had to pick a card this year with two pictures on it and I cropped each of you out of one)

PS Please smile next year!


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