Giants Rule at Our House!!

So were are huge Giants fans. You kids have had giants outfits in several sizes many of which were purchased before you were born as gifts from other people. A you have had three different cheerleading uniforms and a few shirts. Boom Boom you have had several shirts and one or two outfits.

Your Dad superstitiously did not want me to wear my jersey this weekend because I had not worn it all season. Your Dad like to think that what we do in our house has some effect on the outcome of the game. Since your Dad plays hockey, a sport that breed superstition (hence playoff beards…etc) he felt that any departure from the normal events at our house during playoffs was strictly prohibited. (on a side note I am happy to report that I could have fit into my jersey had I wanted to wear it!)

Your Dad is also pretty negative when approaching the likelihood of victory… He felt it was critical for him to continue to think the Giants would lose, while I thought they would win. The same was the case the last time the Giants beat New England. In some silly office pool where you pick ridiculous things like what will the coin toss winner be heads or tails, what will the first commercial be for….etc. I chose the Giants to win, your Dad did not. I almost won the pool because I was one of only three people who chose them. Dad like the Giants as the underdog fighting to win, I don’t, kick some tushy and show everyone who is boss, don’t surprise them.

Lessons to learn:

  • Be more positive
  • What you eat, wear, do, or the location in the room you are standing in has no bearing on the outcome of the game.
  • Giants rule!

Your Great Grandpa Nick is looking from heaven today VERY happy


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  1. Your children are so precious!!

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