Christmas 2011 Part 1

This was a huge Christmas for us. Boom Boom it was your first Christmas! We had Christmas at our house so you kids could go to bed in your beds and play with your toys as the years go on I expect that we may not be home for Christmas sometimes or we will at least be traveling somewhat locally to celebrate with the family. Right now since you are the only kids on your Dad’s side of the family it is easy for us to have events at our house so you can play but don”t get used to it… those Uncle’s of yours are bound to give you cousins at some point.

We started the big weekend with going to church for the early Christmas Eve mass. We went with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt N, L, H, Uncle M, and Aunt M! Big group. We ended up getting there only 20 minutes early so we had to go to the school with the other late “Cheaster’s” I actually enjoyed it since I went to school there for 5 years it was kinda fun attending mass where I ate my first grade lunch where I spilled milk on my new white rabbit fur coat and sobbed uncontrolably because I was 100% sure Grandma was going to kill me (pretty sure she said “don’t spill milk on this at school today” when she dropped me off).

When mass was over my kindergarten teacher came over to comment on how cute the two of you were and she tried to introduce herself. I cut ehr off and told her who I was she seemed surprised (she did not like me and to be honest the feeling was mutual, I remember her mocking me for having trouble with a puzzle). It was a very funny moment for me to see her face when I told her who I was.

After that we went to Aunt N’s for dinner and the begining of the gift explosion that we will refer to as “Phase 1.” We ate an awesome meal of stuffed shells, peirogies, and fish. We played with our poppers and wore our crowns. After we ate we opened the gifts from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt N. You guys got alot of awesome stuff, Boom Boom you got clothes, and activity cube and most importantly bibs, lots of them (right now you are drooling at an alarming rate, we need to keep you hydrated to you do not get ill). A you got tons of Minnie stuff and clothes and toys and toys and toys….

After that we went home to get ready for bed and Santa. It was very late so we did not leave Santa note, we needed to get to bed so he could come bring out gifts. We said goodbye to Snow Business Tree Stump (our awesome elf) and went to bed.


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  1. You have such a beautiful family!!

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