Christmas 2011 Part 2

The next morning we woke up and opened gifts from Santa and from Mommy and Daddy. A you got some play food for your kitchen, a back pack, lunchbox, and the sippy cup you asked for. Boom Boom you got toys and some clothes (Santa knew you did not need much this year). After we opened gifts we went up to your pink bedroom and saw that the elves had come and decorated it and arranged your furniture. It looked great those elves did a great job!

Then we got cooking, it was time to make fresh doughnuts and cinnimon buns. L, H, and Aunt N came over to have breakfast and tell us what they got from Santa. Then they left and we got ready for “Phase 11”

Phase II was went Grandma, Grumpy, Uncle M, Aunt M, Uncle D and Aunt A (this was her debut, Mommy had never met her before) came over with their ridiculous amount of gifts. The entire living room was packed with presents. There was no room for me to sit down in my cooking breaks. It took everyone the entire day to open all their presents. I honestly could not list for you guys everything you got. There were lots of toys and clothes. I have to say miraculously there was only one or two repeat gifts. There were some excellent gifts like a princess book, a mickey mouse floor puzzle, and another small doll house. Boom Boom you got some of the most adorable clothes including a hat that I cannot wait to take  your picture in!

A you had fun showing everyone your room and what the elves did to it. We all got to sit around the new fireplace and have a fire (I downloaded the Yule Log app for the Ipad and put it in the fireplace… no more fires when I am around).

We had a yummy dinner that night, if I do say so myself, beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts with bacon, green beans, roasted carrots and for dessert (mommy’s favorite) flour less chocolate tort and home made ice creams (vanilla with pie crust, chocolate chip, vanilla with mini m and m, plain vanilla and a not good chocolate ice cream that broke my ice cream maker!) Since there was 13 of us in total I had to have some variety.

Overall we had a very fun filled day, we got to know Aunt A and we all got to hang out without setting the house on fire.

I should explain the pictures below… Harpua had cool ribbon around him most of the day that he did not mind… I cannot explain it but it was awesome and everyone who touched it played with it for at least 3o mins. The picture of Daddy, Uncle M and Boom Boom is the three of them wearing Mommy, Aunt M, and A’s Christmas gifts of fur vests. The three of us ladies did not really know what to make of them at the time so the boys thought it would be funny to wear them.

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