New Years Eve 2012

This years New Years Eve is much more low key than Mommy and Daddy’s past New Year’s Eve’s. We have hosted many parties at our house including one just 15 days after we moved into our house complete with most of our friends, their dogs and the few children that were around 6 years ago. I will save those stories for another day.

This year it was just Aunt J, Uncle K, and Pk. As you know Aunt J is not the most on time person so A you actually had no idea that she was there or Pk. They arrived after you went to bed, but that is ok you were really tired from all the fun of Christmas the week before.

This was the first New Years Eve that you did not have to work not just because it was not one a Sunday but because Daddy was home with you Boom Boom for his “manternity.” In earlier years this opportunity to go to a farther destination to celebrate would have been seized and embraced… This year after living out of our house for over 4 months our interest in staying local and low key was a pretty high importance.

You Dad had tickets to the Phish show at MSG. As fetus’ I am sure you knew that Daddy was a huge Phish Phan so when  your Dad was unable to get anyone to go with him to the show (probably because they had a million other good choices for the night) he decided to give his tickets to a friend and stay home with us. Luckily Daddy was able to watch the show through streaming video on the computer and while I am sure it was not the same it was the best of both world (ask Dad if he really feels that way).

We got to hang out, relax and spend time with Aunt J and Uncle K…. who are the reason that Daddy and I met and their New Years Eve party in 2001 was where your Dad asked me for my number. I think he said as I was heading back to my car “So will I see you again before the wedding?” Sounds really bold right… actually we were both in Aunt J and Uncle K’s wedding and they were recently engaged but not planning to get married for another year and half to two years. But I will tell you more about how your Dad and I met another time.

So this years New Years while nothing terribly exciting was pretty special because it was the first one with both of you and we got to spend it with the people who brought me and Daddy together!

Lessons to Learn:

  • The wild times can be just as memorable as the quiet times
  • Do not set your expectations to high for New Years every year because sometime you just need a small party to have just as much fun.


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