Rookie Parenting Mistake: Valentines Day

I know kids you are looking at the date of this post and saying “Rookie” this is your third Vday as a parent! Well the stakes got high this year and I think I cracked! My first Vday as parent A was in the baby room at daycare and had only been there for three months and it passed with only two or three “valentines” from what I assumed kids who were the youngest in their families and their siblings made their valentines. Last year, pregnant and living at Aunt N’s I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies put them in cute little cello bags with homemade tags and sent them to school. I never asked about what happened at daycare that day, both leading up to it or really after, I just asked if you had a good day.

This year it was different. A you have been talking about a Valentine’s party for weeks! You switched rooms two weeks ago and the discussions got intense. I fueled them by talking about all the fun things that happen on Valentines day. I stop by the Director’s office last week and asked “what I should bring for the party” and you know what there really is not one!! “You know if parent’s want to bring stuff in that is great, otherwise we will get munchkins for the afternoon snack!” I was told. I am pretty sure I had an “oh S&*^t” look my face. I was then told parents can bring in whatever they want and they would happily use it.

So I kicked it up a notch as Emril would say and figured out how I could minimally make this a little more special. At Target this past weekend I went to the holiday section and purchased the following items:

  • 2- ten packs of plates with hearts ($3)
  • 2- ten packs of napkins ($3)
  • one banner ($3)
  • Box of devils food cake mix ($1.50?)
  • Cool cupcake wrappers ($2)

Now all I had to do was invest some serious time to the commitment I had silently made for myself. We baked the best Chocolate Chip Cookies I have EVER made on Sunday, double batch so we can give some to our friends that we do not go to school with (and now to save for ourselves too because they are great). We also assembled our valentines (originally before I over promised the party at school I thought I would repeat last years cookies but now they have to go to school for the party or snack time).

Our Valentines are a little bag with a cool sticker in it, a little playdoh pack, a slinky, and bag of mini m&m’s (I am pretty sure I spent less than $15 on 20 bags)! A you put each one of those bags together for your friends and talked about each one of your friends as we made them. We made the cards to put on each bag it was a great arts and craft project that we really enjoyed doing.

Lesson to Learn

  • Always confirm what your child tells you especially when it comes to a party
  • Sugar should be consumed in small quantities but the definition of small is different on Valentine’s Day
  • Do not over hype anything… it is a miracle you were as excited as you were A on the actual holiday
  • I love you both very much… and I also love baking and crafting even though I get to do it very rarely this was a great excuse!

PS Love the pictures of you two from Valentine’s day. A you were so excited to wear your party dress and Boom Boom I am not sure this was exactly on Vday but you looked so handsome the day you wore this I had to put it here.


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