You Rode a Tractor Today

So for a kid just starting to sit up on his own we put you to a serious test today…. we brought you for your first haircut. We took you to the coolest place to get your haircut from when you are a kid. I wish this place was around when I was a kid. You can sit in a taxi, fire truck, classic car, and a tractor! They have tv’s and video games, even I am entertained when I bring “A” there.


Today we made a special trip for you Boom Boom to get your hair cut. We planned for it for days. I have to say I had mixed feelings, you needed a haircut but as the mother of a girl and the Aunt to other girls a first haircut is a big deal and happens when you are much older. You are only 6 months old so it felt weird to bring you to something that is such a milestone.

We put you down in the seat of the tractor and you started to giggle! You held on the steering wheel and smiled the whole time. I have to say it was a really exciting event.

She had to cut alot of hair off. Your Dad and I were amazed at how much hair was going into the ziploc bag of hair for your “first haircut certificate” (did I mention how awesome this place is).

You did great, not a tear or a complaint. You stayed still and seemed happy.

The end result I will be honest is shorter than I thought I think what really got to me is how much older you look. At 6 months I feel like you are growing up to fast (I have a feeling I will write that sentence alot).

Written on March 25, 2012

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