I was born this way

As Earth Day approaches I have been thinking a lot about how much my commitment to the environment means to me as your Mom to keep this world clean for you and your kids but I also think about how my commitment has evolved over my entire life.

I think I was born an environmentalist. I think Grandma and Grandpa inlfuenced it in a very indirect way. They did some green things but not to be green and I always wanted to take it a step further.

Great Grandma Julia might have had the biggest influence on me but she was not an environmentalist either, she was widowed single Mom in the Depression who had to provide. She told me about the victory gardens she planted during the war so they could have food to eat and not take away from what could be sent to the troops overseas. She did not buy tons of new things, she made fresh whole foods (many of her recipes are still the best foods I have ever eaten) and she even cleaned with environmentally safe products (home made cleaner).

Grandma and Grandpa saved old t-shirts and towels to use as rags and while we did have paper towels in our house we did not use them as often as people do today. We always dusted, washed the cars and our bikes with the rags. We saved our margarine containers to use for our paints or arts and craft products.

My neighbors even influenced me, my next-door neighbors Mom growing up was so cool (she was a kindergarten teacher) and she used to give us the stuff that was left over in the house to use for arts and crafts. They got new shades for a room and she gave us the old one for us to paint and decorate to make a banner. She even let all of us neighborhood kids take over her kitchen to make apple pie from the apples that had fallen on the ground at the local rose garden down the street. Today when us neighborhood kids get together as adults we talk about those apple pies, they did not turn out that good but it was a great memory.

As a child I remember the day the town dropped off our first recycling containers, they were black plastic with the town emblem on them and there was a place to write your address on them since everyone would have the same one. I remember sorting our glass by color, this was before comingling. We were definitely one of the first towns to have recycling. I still occasionally see some people in town with those same recycling bins out on the curb!

When I was in either second or third grade I won a poster-making contest about recycling. I wish I had picture of my poster but it was basically two drawings one of a dark yucky world with garbage everywhere and one of a green meadow and pretty flowers on the top it said “if you don’t recycle” and “if you do recycle.”

In my teenage years, I used my babysitting money to be a philanthropist for the environment and gave money to environmental organizations. In my college years when I was studying to be a teacher I did several projects on incorporating environmental education into mainstream lesson plans including math, science, reading..etc. I recently found a copy of a huge semester long project I did on this topic and I wish there was a school I could send you kids to that would do anything close to what I proposed. In graduate school when I studied public policy and non-profit management I always dreamed of working in an environmental organization.

In my personal life, I recycled as aggressively as I could given the limitations of my municipality. I eat organic as much as I can, in fact I started drinking organic milk as exclusively as I could since my environmental economics class in spring 1997 when I first learned about rBGH.

I started a blog about living a more ecofriendly life before I had you guys and still have it today though I struggle to find time as full-time working parent to write there and spend time with you guys as much as I want to do both.

When you guys were born I really kicked it up, I b-feed which is one of the most physically demanding things I have ever done other than pregnancy. Make you organic baby food and send it to school in glass containers with a stainless steel sippy cup.

I hope I raise you kids to realize the importance of protecting the environment and you live an environmentally conscious life.

Lessons to learn

  • Some of the lessons in life you learn are not always exactly intended
  • Protect the Earth
Pictures of me enjoying nature: Top glacier in Alaska, middle in Sedona, AZ, and bottom in Loveland Pass CO


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