I am Mom Enough!


This week Time Magazine ran an article titled “Are You Mom Enough?” My answer to you both is absolutely! Regardless of what you two think, especially in your teenage years. I might label myself a holistic mom but I still vaccinated you both, I did not use cloth diapers (though I wish I could), I did not breast feed for years and we definitely did not cosleep . I am not an attachment parent but I do find my baby Bjorn and my new Baby Ergo to be some of the most useful parenting tools for my clingy baby (Boom Boom you know you like to be held). I am Mom Enough!

Being a Mom today just like any other decade, century…etc. it is tough to be a Mom. I am pretty sure Cave Mama’s competed with each other on which one had a more awesome kid or was a better parent. It is beyond competition, as a Mom we want to do what is best for you. What was best for you A may not be best for you Boom Boom and what is best for your friends may not be best for us.

This article focused on three things breastfeeding, cosleeping, and babywearing. Cosleeping was absolutely never an option. I have a very strong opinion backed by your doctors that this is not only not right for us but is certainly a risky choice. Given our family history of SIDS it puts a baby at higher risk because you are not sleeping on a hard enough mattress, there are blankets and other risks. My decision to never cosleep I think makes me Mom Enough!

Breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever done, harder than being pregnant or recovery from birth. I get up early to pump, I stay up late to pump. I got up every single night either of you woke up to nurse you back to sleep. You both enjoyed the comfort I gave you when you were young. “A” you were done at 9 months but I tried for another four weeks, I was not listening to you or my body. At 10 months harmony came back to our lives and I stopped. Boom Boom you are eight months old now and still nursing when I am with you, you have rejected formula and showed signs of allergies so we will continue. Physically I do not think there is anyway I can go beyond a year and I hope you are on the same schedule as me. Are there other Mom’s were not even a day was ok for them and their baby yes! Are there other Mommies you will see that are still nursing your friends until they are alot older yes! But I am Mom Enough for you two!

What can I say about babywearing? “A” you would have none of it, so I was I Mom Enough to realize that you much preferred your space? Yes! Boom Boom you LOVE to be held, you love to snuggle, you love to be touching someone… but I stop short from saying I am babywearer. I wear you when you want my comfort but I have to do things around the house. As a Mom my role is not just to hold you, I have to take care of the house and your sister and sometimes that means giving you what you need while doing something else. I doubt that is definition of babywearing. I am Mom Enough to see what made both of you happy!

Regardless of what you see me doing there will be millions of times in your life where your friends Mom’s will seem to have it more worked out than me, do something better than me, cooler than me but just remember I love you and that is Enough!


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