Something to add to my list!

Last night after some of the most serious and well thought out begging I took you out for ice cream. We went to a new place that had indoor seating because a thunderstorm was rolling in. There was a debate as whether you wanted a milkshake or ice cream and your favorite milkshakes were sold next door so we were covered either way… you know just in case your almost three year old way of changing your mind and throwing a fit kicked in.

We got our ice cream… Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles for you and chocolate with crunchies for me! We say down Goteye came on and you got so excited you said “Mommy it is (guy-u-T)” and proceeded to sing along in between bites.

While we were eating they were scooping out 15 scoops of ice cream into large bowls and weighing it for an ice cream eating contest. The person who ate the most in 10 minutes won $100 and a tshirt. I promise you if I had not eaten lunch yesterday or already started eating my ice cream I would have kept you up late and called you Dad and Boom Boom to join us and watch me compete! Really I am NOT kidding!

I am adding it to the list and will be following the ice cream shop on Twitter, Facebook, pinterest…etc to be informed of when the next one is! It is going to be awesome!

Last night was one of the most fun nights I have had with you and you did not whine once!!!


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