3 Year Stats



Favorite foods: pizza, chicken, nuggets, and most of all Honey Nut Cheerios! You also love yogurt and keifer. You love raspberries and blueberries. You also love ice cream like your Mom in addition to cookies and brownies!

Size diaper: size 5 but we have had several days with out a pull up and no accidents. June 17th was the first weekend day you went with no pull up and no accidents… just a few days after your third bday, I think you just decided no more funny business.

Sleeping: going to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and sleeping till about 7:00am. You are not a morning person at all.

Favorite toy: puzzles… the real ones that are much harder

Favorite song: Goteye song

Favorite person: your “go getter” girls at school

Favorite clothing: dresses… You never ever want to wear pants or leggings.

Favorite tv show: Octonauts, Jungle Junction, and Doc McStuffins

Favorite word: “actually”… Like “actually Mommy I want Cheerios for dinner”

Dislikes: mornings, not getting your way, anyone turning off the tv, not getting to eat cookies whenever you ask for them and ironically enough going to bed.


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