Favorite Room in the House?


I am participating in the Summer Blog Challenge organized by Going Green with the Grizls. This is Day 46 and my first entry but I hope to go back and write for some of the other awesome topics.

Today’s question: what is you favorite room in the house?

Easy, my bedroom. I absolutely love our bedroom. After the fire we decided to actually finish the third floor and make it into our master bedroom. It was the only time in my life I have been able to create a room from the very beginning.

Our room has seven windows looking out in the sky. We painted the walls blue so we could continue the feeling of sleeping in the clouds.


The room is big enough to have our bed, furniture and a sitting area. The sitting area was extra special for me when you were born Boom Boom because we were able to put your crib there and my rocking chair.

Boom Boom you were not the best sleeper those first few months so it was really nice to roll out of bed and take care of you. Even when you moved to your own room we still had our little corner to get you back to sleep.


I also love this bedroom because it is so separated from the rest of the house so on the rare occasion I get to sleep in while everyone else is awake I am removed from commotion.

Now that the crib is gone from the room my sewing table finally found a home. Before it lived in the closet behind stuff and was a hassle to get out. I still do not have anywhere near the time I wish I had for sewing but it makes me happy to know that if at a moments notice I wanted to see I could.

My final reason for loving my bedroom is quite simple I love to sleep! Crawling into bed, giving you Dad a kiss goodnight and putting my head down on a cold pillow (yes, I like my pillows cold… Aunt N even bought me the Chillow) and going to sleep.

Lessons to learn:

  • You always need a space at home that you feel is yours and you can relax in… I hope when you are young your rooms may make you feel this way.
  • Always give your loved ones a kiss goodnight… You may or may not have noticed I do that.
  • While in did not really talk about it above sleep is essential to staying healthy so do not fight it.
  • Cannot beat putting you head down on a cold pillow!


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4 responses to “Favorite Room in the House?

  1. I love how you’re writing to your children. It’s so sweet and I’m certain it will be something they love when they’re older.

  2. I like that you write to the kids, too. It’s a great idea! And as far as the room, I’m jealous! We have been working on a master suite for a year but money (or lack thereof) keeps creating delays.

    • Lauren- don’t be to jealous we has a very small fire that caused smoke damage up there so we had to renovate so we were forced to do it.

      That said it is an awesome room… Good thing to come from a bad thing

  3. I haven’t heard of the chillow, but I think I need one of those. We also have a very large bedroom and I love it. I have the bassinet and rocking chair, and a crib in our room.

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