Random Acts of Kindness… Should be Normal

Going Green with the Grizls

This is actually a hard question… What are some random acts of kindness I have done?I am 100% sure there are lots but to list them here is actually hard.

Here are some random examples:

  • I once followed after someone for a block when they left their gloves on the subway but when I lost them in the crowd I gave them to a homeless person I saw.
  • I found someone’s gym membership tag on the ground at a subway stop and contacted the gym to tell them I found it and asked what they wanted me to do… They laughed at me and told me I could throw it out
  • I have taken grocery carts back for older people at the grocery store
  • Filled parking meters for people (everyone does that)

I think the challenge of this prompt is we do not do things to be kind we just do them because we are nice people.

Lessons to learn:

  • As you grow up pay attention to the things around you, if you are not aware of them you will not understand when people need your help no matter how minor.
To catch up on this blog hop here is my answer to Question 3: List 15 interesting things about yourself
  1. I always step on a plane with my right foot first
  2. I  have never had a cup coffee or any coffee at all
  3. I do not like chewing gum
  4. I love raspberries and want to grow them in the yard (but your Dad thinks they grow like weeds)
  5. I am an environmentalist but I can never be a vegetarian
  6. I really like watching documentaries
  7. Sometimes I wish I could home school you kids but I know that by third grade you might be at a disadvantage
  8. I am happy with how tall I am, I do not want to be taller and I am happy I am not shorter.
  9. Reading books is something I want to do more often but there is always something else to do
  10. I like drawing but I am not good at it so I do not do it that much
  11. I won an award in high school for my photo’s. I miss regular camera’s I like the instant gratification of digital pictures but I miss the darkroom days.
  12. I only swim in the Caribbean, the Pacific and Atlantic ocean scares me
  13. I do not paint my nails…. much to Daddy’s disappointment.
  14. I have no interest in jumping out of plane or running a marathon
  15. I want to open an Etsy shop but I do not have enough time to make stuff.


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7 responses to “Random Acts of Kindness… Should be Normal

  1. Ann

    That’s a great idea about giving gloves to a person who is homeless. That would be a good thing to do here in Minnesota where the temperature can drop well below zero. Thanks for writing that…you’ve given me an idea for this winter!

  2. I think we all do more random acts of kindness than we know. We are just being “normal” and being ourselves, and probably just don’t really think about it when we are doing them. 🙂

  3. I love your title and your advice to your kids. You’re right, they should be the norm. Wish they always were.

  4. I like your 15 facts. I too want to own at Etsy shop, but have yet to open one. I’ll most likely wait until finishing my BSN. I’m just curious why you can’t be a vegetarian.

    • I could not be a vegetarian because I really do like a good steak. Sorry to all my vegetarian friends!

      • I don’t blame you one bit!! I’ve sometimes considered being a vegetarian because of all the antibiotics and how animals are treated. I try to buy meat that has come from animals that are grass fed, no hormones, antibiotics, etc., which is unfortunately more expensive, but is good because we eat more vegetables that way.

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