The Great Blackout of 2003

Going Green with the Grizls

Day 49 prompt: 5 Things to Do When the Power Goes Out?!

I instantly went with the practical side of me but I think the purpose was the fun part. So I will tell you both.

Background: back in the great blackout in the northeast in 2003 I worked in a very small part of the area that was unaffected but lived in a place with no power so my advice comes from that experience.

  1. Go to the local store and get as much ice as you can. Put the items in your fridge that you want to keep in your cooler with ice. Get propane or charcoal for your grill.
  2. Find all your flashlights and all you solar-powered devices (especially if it is still light out)
  3. Find out what neighbors are around and arrange a barbecue of all the food that is going to spoil. You will eat like a king that night and you will get to know your neighbors
  4. Shut your phone off after you have located everyone you need to in order to conserve your power (unless you have a solar charger, then it is your duty to share that with you family and friends)
  5. If it is cold, locate blankets and heavy clothes so you can stay warm and shut the water off in the house if it starts to get close to 60 degrees in the house.
  6. If it is warm out, hang out outside and get to know all the people in your neighborhood and hypotheses as to how the power went out, when it will be back on, and everything else related to the situation you are in

Then just hang out with your friends and family, without phones and tv and just relax. I image a blackout now would be very hard.

What really happened to me: I got home and saw the power was out at our house but not two miles away so I went to the grocery store and got ice (I was shocked they still had some). The checker had no idea anything had happened. I got home to find no one in our neighborhood, everyone was stranded in other places. Your Dad came home and we grilled ALOT of food thinking our neighbors would return and we would feed them… Nope! We ate all alone and it was really weird for it to be dark and quiet all evening.



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4 responses to “The Great Blackout of 2003

  1. lisamariefletcher

    That’s crazy that the store had power. There was NO power for us for a few days! Good tips.

  2. Nik

    Forgot all about the neighborhood eating frenzy….That was a lot of fun!

  3. I had thought about hanging out with the neighbors but NOT the barbeque idea! Love it!! Maybe we should talk to our neighbors BEFORE a black out so they won’t all scurry away! LOL

    Here is my SBC post for power purposes.

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