I Won the Lottery!!

Today’s Prompt: What would you do with the $ if you won the lottery? submitted by Sara @ Keep up with the Jones family

Ok the post title was pretty misleading sorry… but for a second there you might have been really excited for me!

If I won the lottery the first thing that would happen is Grandma would make me eat my senior capstone paper from college. I wrote my capstone with two other people about the immorality of the lottery. The most addictive from of gambling (scratch offs actually) is government sponsored. The advertising for the lottery is focused on low-income areas preying on the poverty-stricken with the vague notation they have a chance to win. As you know your Grandpa is an avid lottery player so that entire semester of research sparked a lot of conversations. So on the sheer novelty of me winning Grandma wants me to eat the paper…. And she reminds me of it when I play for the huge jackpots. I just tell her I will give her a million dollars to drop it.

After I handles the legal and tax stuff for claiming the money I would do the following:

Arrange for a trip to Hawaii for ten days for ALL my friends and family. I truly mean everyone, cousins I have not seen for a while, my college friends and all their kids (and parents or babysitters if they want), even people who would be shocked that I would include them in this because I think they are awesome. In this day and age we are all so busy we do not make time to connect with one another and enjoy each others company. I would like to take this opportunity to spend serious quality time with everyone who means a great deal to me. We would stay at the Four Season Maui or some other five-star hotel and do every single fantastic thing I could think of including spa treatments, laui, tour volcanos…etc.

I would buy a new house. Probably where we live now, nothing crazy. Houses always cost money after you buy them so I want to conserve our money.

Send you kids to the private school in our area that costs as much as college for kindergarten. I would consider public school in certain towns. Education is so important so no scrimping here.

Dad would quit his job immediately. I would continue to work in some way. There are so many things I want to do in life that I am not sure how I would handle no limitations (meaning not having the absolute need to work).

I would purchase the Tesla Minivan…. It is so cool, the doors open like the Batmoble and it is all-electric

I would buy your Dad the classic car he always wanted… But I have to remember what kind it is first, I think it is a 1956 Chevy

Buy Grumpy the classic car he has always wanted

Buy Granny a storage unit that Grumpy can use for all his “junk man stuff” so she can have her house the way she wants

I would move Grandpa closer to us so we could spend more time with him.

Buy Grandma unlimited plane tickets to come and visit.

I would not buy more than one house… I would rather pay to spend time in a nice hotel and be able to travel to many different amazing places and give you kids with some amazing experiences.

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4 responses to “I Won the Lottery!!

  1. Oh, I love it—give her a million dollars to drop it!

  2. Love the huge Hawaii vacation idea! And now that I think about it, I think I would add a beach house somewhere to my own list. How nice it would be to have a home to always vacation at… Now where? The Outer Banks? The Keys? lol!

  3. Dad

    1957 Chevy BelAire Convertible.

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