Am I All Grown Up?

Today’s Prompt: How does your life measure up to the vision you had when you were younger? Submitted by Sarah-Jayne @ Keep up with the Jones Family

When I was little I wanted to be a nurse or teacher.

When I graduated nursery school the teachers interviewed each student to find out what they wanted to be when they grew up…etc. I said I wanted to marry my next door neighbor, have lots of kids and become a teacher so I could call my nursery school teacher by her first name! Wow right.

There was talk during my childhood that I would be the kid to go on and get married and live on a farm with a ton of animals and kids.

I thought I would get married young and have kids young.

Here is what happened

I went to college to be a teacher and realized while I was student teaching that I could not teach to a test and it was clear then that our educational system was more and more test focused and I quit student teaching the last day I could and still graduate. I went on to get my masters degree and am pursuing a successful career that is not in medicine or teaching.

I got married when I was 28 years old (just shy of my 29th birthday) to someone I met after college. Pretty much the exact opposite of marrying my next door neighbor young. We do not live on a farm, we live in the suburbs. We have one dog and a beta fish not a farm full of animals (though that would be cool some day).

I have you two, I think when I was 6, the thought of having 6 kids would be easy because being a kid is fun and exciting…. being a parent is hard work and exhausting. I do not think you two will have 4 more siblings to play with… cousins maybe but not siblings.

You make decisions in life and you live your life as you go. Even the best plans do not end up happening sometimes but that does not mean they were meant to. -Mom
I am not sure how old I am in that picture I am guessing about your age A about 3?
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4 responses to “Am I All Grown Up?

  1. Ann

    That’s an interesting perspective you picked up while student teaching, and how it changed your career direction. I agree that being a parent to two children is a lot of work…it’s fun and rewarding, though!

  2. I totally understand going from wanting 6 kids to wanting to stop at 2! I’m expecting my second now and I’m so scared that even that will be too hard for me!

  3. I taught for almost 8 years, and yes the system can be exhausting. But I was a rebel teacher. 😉 I refused to teach to the test and always taught my students the history that most of the American History books whitewashed. I am not saying I was always in the good graces of the administration, but I knew I was teaching how I had to teach.

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