My Private Art Show

Todays Prompt: Are you an artist?? Show some artwork or doodling you’ve done. Don’t do art, share something you like then.

I am going to be honest with you guys, the one way in which I am wishing your infancy and early toddler years away is to be able to draw and color with you guys. I love to draw and I love to color. As an adult without children and even with young children it was VERY silly for me to sit down with paper and draw! Your cousins provided me with some artistic outlet when we would color and draw together but it never satified my need for artist expression.

“A” you are letting me color with you but you generally take my sheet away from me to color yourself.

So how do I express myself today? The amazing game Draw Something! Below are a few my masterpieces. I am pretty amazing and “A” you beg me to play so you can watch me draw.

If you play send me an email with your name and I will invite you for a game and let you know it is me kidstoknow (you know the rest 😉


This one is beautiful


This one I had to do because I was one of my favorite shows of all time!


Boom Boom you will have so many of these when you get older and play hockey

To give you a little background about what I used to draw as a kid… it was always houses. I drew hundreds of houses, different colors, different sizes, with different plants in the yard…etc. Sometimes I would even look at house plan magazines while on line at the grocery store with Grandma. Oddly enough the thought never crossed my mind to go to school for archtechiture! I thought you had to be super good at math and that just always scared me away from it… I did not know about CAD back then and now I am to old. I do have dreams of going to Green Build the LEED conference just to see all the amazing things people are doing. Yes, your Mom is a bit of a dork!



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2 responses to “My Private Art Show

  1. Nik

    If we only knew then what we know now….. The flower is very pretty! :O)

  2. Very pretty flower 🙂
    I have never played the game Draw Something yet, but have been thinking about trying it soon 🙂

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