Photography 101

Today’s Prompt: Post a black and white photo you’ve taken.

I wish I could post some of my favorites but they are not digital pictures. When I was in high school I took several photography classes. It was old school photography, developing my own film, using a darkroom, and mounting my own pictures. I was pretty good at it. My senior year I was awarded the visual arts award of the year. They hung one of my pictures in the lobby of the high school that was there for at least a year if not longer. That same picture was used on the cover of the schools literary magazine. I enjoyed it so much I got your Dad to take a photography class with me at the adult school classes at the high school down the street.

I now have DSR camera and I love it… but I need a better computer to be able to use this to the fullest… oh well maybe Santa will bring it.

Due to some sort of technical blip… here is the description of each picture top to bottom

  • My favorite picture of you A with your monkey… something about this picture makes me smile
  • Boom Boom 3 days old and already a little rascal sticking your tongue out
  • Boom Boom with A’s monkey (the same one)
  • The Eiffel Tower… I always wanted to go there and I went there a few weeks after I found out that I was pregnant with you A
  • A fun picture we took of Harpua when he was a little puppy
  • A picture of me and your Dad (which I do have in black and white), this picture was taken as a joke at a friends wedding in Nantucket we were trying to be super serious and preppy but it turned out really well so… the joke was on us.
  • The last picture is from a bridge in Sedona, AZ (where we went after the Grand Canyon)




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2 responses to “Photography 101

  1. abqmurphy

    That’s a cool photo of the bridge.

  2. Ann

    The bridge photo is great! It makes me want to walk on it to see what’s on the other side.

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