Homemade Gifts

Todays Prompt: Share an idea for a handmade gift to give to someone else.

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this!

I am making these for Grandma you know she loves shoes.

I am making this for all the ladies in my life with homemade hand soap in a lavender scent.

Good hostess gifts

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Want some more ideas check out what some other bloggers said

Going Green with the Grizls


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5 responses to “Homemade Gifts

  1. Ann

    Those are great ideas! I especially like the top one for shoes. What a clever idea.

    • I agree Ann! One of my friends and I are going to figure out what gifts we want to make and then we are going to do a crafting weekend where we help each other make everything in the fall… Trying to reduce the stress of the holidays… Once I check out the other bloggers I might get more ideas!

  2. Nik

    Very creative gift ideas!

  3. Heading over to follow you on Pinterest now! I love that soap dispenser!

  4. I’ll be following you on Pinterest shortly!! Thanks for showing us some Pinterest ideas.

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