Dream Home Features

Prompt: What’s one feature you would have to have in your dream home?

There are so many things I would want in a dream house

A craft room.. a real room. A room where I can organize my paper crafts and my sewing stuff. I want a big huge table to spread out my fabric to cut it on. I want an ironing board that I can leave up. I want a huge screened Mac so I can take pictures of what I make and blog about it and sell it on my Etsy shop (oh wait I think I went a little farther than this prompt meant, I do not have an Etsy shop)

I want a large kitchen with an attached family room. When I am making dinner I would like to be able to talk to you guys and keep an eye on the food.

A laundry shoot would be really awesome or a washing machine and dryer on the first or second floor.

Enough space to throw huge parties

A huge garden that is irrigated so I do not need to worry as much about watering it!

I really could keep going.



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3 responses to “Dream Home Features

  1. how lovely and organized!

  2. I think you and I are dreaming the same way in regards how we want our home!!

  3. Ann

    A laundry shoot! I remember the first home I lived in as a child had one of those. They’re great!! I would love to have a craft and sewing room too. The image you picked out is inspiring and beautiful. It sure would be nice to be organized and have room like that.

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