Inspirational Authors

Todays Prompt: Who is your Favorite Author?

I love to read and I have done a lot less of it since you both came into my life. But there are so many people I like read so I am just going to give you both a run down of my favorites right now and why

Author (non-fiction): Jane Goodall, I find her to be an inspiration. I have read every single one of her books and there is only one other author that I have done that for (see below). Her insight into the natural world, chimpanzees and our planet actually have affected my life and inspire me to write my other blog Green4U about the environment.

Author (fiction): J. K. Rowling Yup, dork alert. I NEVER expected I would like her. I did not read the first 5 books when they came out. I started reading the series about 5 months before the last one came out. I fully expected to read the first book and that was it. I was only giving it a try to say I did and everyone would get off my back, the witches and wizards are not my thing. I was dead wrong and finished the 5th book the day before the final book came out and I do not regret waiting because I read it at the best time possible.


Yup that is Ree, The Pioneer Woman. I met her again for the second time this past weekend at BlogHer

Blogger: This is really tough. I love the Pioneer Woman, my good friend Sharon’s party advice on Cupcakes and Cutlery, the countless amazing green bloggers I read, and now YOUR DAD started a blog last week Colors in the Void who decided to write about me last week!

Children’s Books: I want to say Dr. Seuss because it is the right thing to say but really I like the Octonaut books, they are smart and well written. I like books for you kids that do not dumb it down.

NY Time Columnist: Tom Friedman, he has an amazing way of looking at some of the most challenging topics of our time. I do not always agree with him but I enjoy reading his column

On my bookshelf: My Plastic Free Life: How I Kicked the Habit and How You Can Too. Beth Terry is an inspiration on how we can take the environment and its care into our own hands because the market place has not done that yet. I recently had the opportunity to meet Beth and I have to tell you kids more about her because she already has had a direct impact on your lives.

See who some of the other bloggers in the challenge enjoy reading by clicking the link below.

Going Green with the Grizls



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4 responses to “Inspirational Authors

  1. Nik

    I still haven’t read the J.K.Rowling series! Not sure if I ever will!

    • Nik

      I had the exact same feeling as you… Read the first book… or even the first 4 chapters you will be hooked. It is not as much about wizardy as you think. The wizardy is her vehicle for the story telling. She is an amazing storyteller, I am happy I gave it a try.

  2. I LOVE Ree!! Her blog is my all time favorite. How was BlogHer??

    • BlogHer was OK. They had to many people there and some of the sessions were completely full which was a huge bummer. But I only half of the reason why you go to BlogHer is for the conference. It is also the opportunity to meet other bloggers and network with other people and that part was AMAZING!

      Do not get me wrong I have real feedback for BlogHer on how they can improves but I think I would go again next year.

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