Kindergarten Skills

I still remember my kindergarten teacher, she was not nice to me. She made me get up in front of the class and recreate a colorful design of shapes with blocks. I simply could not do it correctly. She ridiculed me in front of the class. Later on that year my parents learned I had a form of dyslexia that made that particular task difficult. I also had a hard time enjoying reading. I would read the same line over and over again when I thought I told my brain to go to the next line. I went to special room for an hour or two every few days in those first few grades instead of having some fun time with my friends but I cannot tell you exactly what I learned or how I learned it which is the problem the plagues me today.

I can read with much more ease than I could as a child. I do still read the same line again sometimes but certainly not the way I did when I was younger. I love to read and I love to write, something I did not say or feel when I was a kid.

My trade off, which as I get older, I find just as upsetting as my kindergarten teachers ridicule is the fact I struggle a great deal with proofreading. I have trained my brain to “see” what my eyes do not see. Somewhere unconsciously I have trained myself to compensate for what my eyes do not see properly and my brain interprets correctly for me.

As a blogger the difficultly of proofreading is an incredible challenge. None more evident than when I handed out my business card for my blog and found out there was minor typo on it! I am embarrassed to even write this here. I checked that card several times, I am a professional, I know how important it is. I simply could not see it. What is even worse is when someone pointed it out to me I had to really focus and tell my brain to see what they were saying.

I proofread my blog posts in several ways I write them out. I come back to them and reread them in the edit format. I then preview them so I can see them visually in a different way. I use spell check and grammar check. I still find errors when I go back and read posts later in the day…etc.

If I could understand how I got my brain to help me read maybe I could figure out how to make it help me proofread. I think that is going to take me awhile.

So to any blogger out there that has trouble proofreading I understand. To any of my readers out there who wonder “does this girl proofread” that answer is yes, but I am simply not that good at it but I am trying.

Writer note: In my first proofread I found 4 spelling errors. In my 2nd pass I found nothing. In my third pass (reading the last paragraph 1st) I found 2 words missing. In my fourth pass (2 hours later), I changed a few words.

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8 responses to “Kindergarten Skills

  1. Ann

    You put a lot of effort into each post! My youngest daughter struggles with reading and math, and was diagnosed with several learning disabilities. It is such a challenge to do things that others take for granted. It sounds like you had very supportive parents.

  2. You inspire me. I had a horrid kindergarten teacher, too. Sometimes I wish they did personality profiles on teachers-to-be and let the bully-ish sorts OFF the “to hire” lists. I hope this skill gets easier and your mind catches up with your will sooner rather than later.

    My wished for skill…

  3. That’s HORRIBLE what your teacher did. I’m glad you’re blogging though regardless of her.

  4. I think you and I had the same teacher. I, to this day am terrible at spelling. Makes me wonder why I like writing so much now as an adult. I too am really embarrassed about the issue.

  5. I think it’s fabulous that you’ve been able to overcome that enough to blog! (I’m the one who found your typo … but I don’t hold it against you!)

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