Your Talking About Dreams?

Dreams feel real when we are in them it is only when we wake up we realize something was actually strange

From the moment I saw this trailer I suspected this would be my favorite movie of all time. I am completely consumed with the phenomenon of sleep and dreams (in a different post I will explain this in painful detail to you kids). I love thrillers that are detailed and well thought out (see also my love for Lost). I begged your Dad to see this in the movie theater the day it came out. For whatever reason we never went (ahem, no babysitter, oh excuse me).

This movie has all the elements of a great story:

Destination: Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is going to do his “last” bad thing so he can get back to his family and it is in someone’s sub-conscience

Love: The love for his wife and his family is the underlying theme of the whole movie and motivates him in all that he does and trips him up along the way

Relatable villains: Robert Fischer (the heir to a huge multibillion dollar business who desperately wants the love of his father) and Saito (who is part good guy because he is one who hires Cobb)

Real characters: Cobbs associates are all quirky in their own way. Eames is a brash expert who knows what he is doing and will tell you, Arthur is the brains behind the operation and a calming force among the complete chaos that they are in, Ariadne the female voice in a male dominated cast that bring in the emotion and reasoning (as only a woman can)

Flawed Hero: Cobb is not perfect, he lies to his team, he has his own motivation and the tactics he uses he knows has great risk.

Plot and writing: this is one of the most well written movies I have ever seen. The story is complicated and its ability to keep the viewer interested is amazing.

My one MAJOR problem with the movie is Cobb is hired by one business man Saito, to infiltrate the mind of his competitor Fisher. In this age of the internet I find it ridiculous that Fisher did not recognize Saito.

I found this movie to be so amazing because it used all of these common elements in a brand new way. I would guess it is a very short list of thriller movies that completely take place in a dream, where the dream is being manipulated!

I think I am to much of a geek to completely explain why this movie is so amazing but I fully intend on watching this movie with you kids when you are old enough.

What to know what some of my blog buddies say is their favorite movie… click below.

Going Green with the Grizls

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