My Favorite Environmental Organization

Todays Prompt: Name an environmental organization you could get behind

This is an incredibly hard question for me to answer. I am a true green environmentalist. There are many organizations I love and do amazing work so to pick one to talk about here has been weighing on me since I first read it on the list of prompts.

I recently had an opportunity to get to know Moms Clean Air Force. It is an organization that provides us all with the tools and information to take stand on air pollution and help us protect our air. They stay on top of what is going on in Congress and let the people know how they can act. They provide easy to use tools so we can get our voices heard in the crazy maze that is Washington.

As Americans everywhere, Democrat, Republican, Green and Independent, become more and more disengaged and unconnected to government we need an organziation like this to represent us. We need an organization to protect our kids and future generations from air pollution. If we become more disengaged we allow our government to start listening to the people that are responding and supporting them… Big Business.

Moms Clean Air Force is giving us the tools to speak up. So head on over to their website, follow them on twitter @momscaf, and like them on Facebook.

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4 responses to “My Favorite Environmental Organization

  1. Ann

    I had never heard of Moms Clean Air Force. Clicked on the link to their website. Looks like there’s a lot of good information there. Will spend more time later reading some of the articles. Also started following them on Facebook to keep updated about what they do.

  2. I’m with Ann – I had never heard of them either, but I am taking your advice to follow and like. You inspired me!! THANK YOU so much!

  3. Thank you for this information. They are new to me.

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