My Dream School

Today’s Prompt: What type of schooling do you currently or plan to do with your children?

If I could design my dream school for the two of you it would be located somewhere within walking distance of the house so we could walk to and from school together. It would have preK to 8 th grade in one building so you get to see the role models (good and bad) of the older kids.

There would be a huge garden on the grounds that the students would take care of as part of their science/biology/earth science curriculum. The items grown would then be used for cooking classes in the cooking class room. I took a class called Home Economics where they taught me how to sew and cook, things I still like to do today. I want you two to learn those skills. Once you are done cooking the food you will go to the lunch room that feels like someones kitchen at home with wooden tables and wooden chairs and share a meal with the kids in school of all ages family style (one child gets the food, another gets the drinks..etc.). The food will be served on real plates with real forks, knives, and glasses. Everyone will clean up after one another and you will make friendships at lunch time that last forever.

After lunch you get to go outside and play in the huge natural play area in the back of the school. There are metal swings for you two to swing on where you have to wait your turn. You get to jump rope, play running bases, red light green light, and Simon says in the light of the sun. Even when it is cold out you convince your teachers that you want to go out and play and they agree because they love their job and they love you too.

For your educational time you learn your math, science, and reading while doing fun projects and experiments. You read about a social studies topic in reading, you use math to analyze the problem and you apply it in science class. All your classes and educational topics will overlap.

Your classrooms will have abundant natural light and windows that open for fresh air. The walls will be painted with low VOC paint and your desk will be made from natural and upcycled materials. There are plants and animals in the room for you to take care of that have to be taken home on the weekends and long breaks. These pets will get to visit with the rest of your family. You will learn responsibility from those weekends and invited your cousins and all your other friends over so you can show them your class pet.

The class trips you go on will be amazing. You will go to the science museum, the natural history museum, and farms. Amazing people will come to your school and teach you about amazing people and places. You will get to use technology to connect to people and places that I never was able to. You will learn how to protect the planet and live in harmony with nature while still fitting into our normal society.

Do not get me started on the extra curricular activities!

Where will I be? I will be volunteering at the library once a month, organizing the field trip, being on the parent hiring committee for new teachers, and helping find new and amazing opportunities for your school to grow. I will probably be doing even more.

I have not found this school yet but when I do you are going there. Hopefully we will not have to move far but if there is a school really like this it might be worth it.

Do you know where this school is?

Picture of A from a over a year ago but since you both have not started school yet I was at a loss. 



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4 responses to “My Dream School

  1. Ann

    Some parts of what you describe sound like a Waldorf school. Have you taken a look at any in your area? Not everything you are looking for would be at one of them…but a good percentage of what you mentioned sounds like many of them. They’re worth checking out.

  2. I love your ideas! Our school district should hire you!

  3. How hard is it to start a Charter school? Because this sounds fabulous and I think you should do it!

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