10 Things I Love About Your Dad

As you both know I love your Dad very much. We are alike in some ways and polar opposites in other ways. I think we both feel that is a good balance.

  1. His ability to be a great Dad! He was all about taking three months off of work when I went back to work after having each of you to do the full duty. “Manternity” as he called it was no easy job, he got up just as early as he did when he was working, changed all the diapers, feed you two, started dinner…etc. If he thought it was going to be a piece of cake he dropped that feeling day one. Anytime any one ever tried to be weird with us about it, he said it was the best thing. That experience with you both makes him that much more of a great Dad.
  2. Carefree attitude… I will be honest I love this characteristic of your Dad but sometimes it gets on my nerves (this is a bit of the yin and yang of the two of us). I love the fact that sometimes when I am taking my role of Head Worrier he is able to bring me back to a more sane place.
  3. Love of sports…. that I like. You Dad loves hockey and football and unfortunately baseball (it is just on all the time). As you know your Dad plays hockey once a week and he really enjoys it, even when they do not win he still likes to get out on the ice and play. Your Dad is also a Giants fan, as am I, so we are able to enjoy NFL games all fall and winter. We also play fantasy football in a league together. I am still proud of the fact I was the champ (beating your Dad) the season before we got married, it made for great wedding toast material.
  4. Grilling ability. Your Dad can grill with the best of them. We make a great team I prepare and marinate amazing items and your Dad grills them to perfection. Some of my most well know recipes have a great griller preparing them just perfectly for me.
  5. Laundry duty. Doing the laundry is Dad’s thing and I will let you on a little secret why… when we first moved in together your Dad brought his laundry down from the bedroom and put it in front me while I watched TV and said “When are you doing the laundry? My clothes are dirty.” Besides being so mad that I still remember that incident with great detail I secretly vowed right then and there I would never do this clowns laundry. So now he does the families laundry, which to be honest is fair. There are many things I do that he NEVER does so we are at least even.
  6. Ability to have separate and together lives. When you kids get married you may or may not find this style of marriage appealing but it works well for us. We do things together and we do things apart. Sometimes I stay home with you kids while Daddy goes out and sees his friends and sometimes Daddy stays with you two while I go out with my friends or attend blog conferences. We respect the fact that there are some things that we need to do apart and that is ok with both of us
  7. He is my driver. I hate to drive, really I do. I love that your Dad loves to drive and will drive us everywhere when we are together (another yin and yang)
  8. He is supportive of my interests and hobbies. Blogging and my environmental lifestyle is one that some men I think would grow tired of, not your Dad. Does he agree and do everything I do? Nope, not even close but he does not make it hard for me to do it.
  9. He likes ice cream… but not as much as me. As I have said before I love ice cream and so does your Dad but not to the same insane degree I do but that is OK. As long as he likes it too.
  10. He is a great companion for life. I see how he was amazing to be with before you two came along, he is devoted to us all as a family, and we are going to do adventurous things together when you kids are grown. I see how we continue to evolve with each other in amazing ways and I look forward to all those fun times together in the future.

I wonder what your Dad would say he loves about me? Maybe he will write about me on his blog

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3 responses to “10 Things I Love About Your Dad

  1. That’s a great list…he sounds like an amazing husband and dad =]

  2. Nik

    What a wonderful list! It sounds like you two fit very well together!

  3. Y’all make a great pair, then. Great post!

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