How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Mother is a bit of the inspiration for this blog so I feel kind of weird being able to lump my “How I Met Your Father” into one blog post but I can.

First Encounter:  I went to go visit Aunt J at college and I went to your Dad’s apartment for a small party. We just hung out there and watched TV. I remember thinking 7 guys live in this place and it is so clean and neat. I also thought the iguana they had was huge. Your Dad does not remember me and I do not remember him thought we are both sure we were both there.

Second Encounter: My birthday! Aunt J came home for Thanksgiving and we went out for my birthday with a few friends. She invited your Dad because he did not live far away. He came and hung out with the small group of us. He was picking up his new car the day after Thanksgiving and it was pretty much all he could talk about. I remembered him and he still did not remember me.

Third Encounter: Aunt J and Keith’s engagement party. Apparently Keith told your Dad about me and told him I was single. I think he also said other inappropriate things about me but who knows. Your Dad and I were both in the wedding party for Aunt J and Keith so this was the beginning of many encounters we would have over the coming weeks, months, and years leading up to their wedding. Your Dad can tell his side of the story as to how he brought a keg to the Aunt J parents house for the party…etc. I made an impression on your Dad that night because we chatted most of the night and I saw him again just a few weeks later at Aunt J’s New Years Party. I gave your Dad my number there and he called me a few days later to go out on a date.

I will save the first date story for another post but needless to say God kept trying to make us notice one another but we were not ready to recognize it until the 3rd time!


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  1. I’m sure your child will really enjoy hearing about this. My oldest always asks about these questions and I was curious about how my parents me.

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