Why Do The Autumn Blog Challenge?


I joined the Summer Blog Challenge in the middle of the summer because I wanted to write to you two more often but I needed the motivation and the inspiration. I have so many things I want to tell you two about and I love to write.

I am looking forward to writing to both of you funny stories about things that have happened to me. Great stories of things we have done together and what I want to do with you.

Sometimes you need motivation in life and the Autumn Blog Challenge is going to be my motivation to keep it up.

If you are interested in joining the blog challenge go to the Facebook group and get all of the details and to follow other participating bloggers. You should also head over to Whey Beyond The Naked Truth to get the code for the button and info for the linky (WordPress has limitations with Linky’s)



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2 responses to “Why Do The Autumn Blog Challenge?

  1. I really like the theme of your blog! Your kids will be so happy to have this in the future im sure =]

  2. I am excited for the Autumn blog challenge, too. I especially enjoy meeting other bloggers who have like hearts, souls & minds. Viva la ABC!

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